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Connect with Tyler Higgs,

Volition Advisor Specializing in Software Design, UX/UI and Creative Strategy.

from Vancouver, Canada

Connect with Tyler Higgs,

Volition Advisor Specializing in Software Design, UX/UI and Creative Strategy.

from Vancouver, Canada



Volition Advisor Specializing in Software Design, UX/UI and Creative Strategy.

I am a(n):

Partner at Volition | Software Design Consultant | Instructor at Langara College | Instructor at BCIT | UX/UI Designer

What I do:

Design is about solving a problem, and solving that problem should be seamless so that your customers focus on your product. I work with my clients and on projects to optimize and create the most intuitive, expandable and serviceable software possible. At times design gets left too late in the hectic process of software development, or is done by someone not properly suited for the task - this is where I work with my clients on new, existing, old or overhauling their software.

I have over 50 project tiles across multiple platforms, various industries and have instructed software and graphic design at two nationally recognized post secondary colleges in Vancouver for over 10 years.


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My Offer:

I like to work with entrepreneurs, start-ups and established businesses on their project design, design-goals, creative vision and design-driven problem solving.

My ideal target audience:

Startup founders and entrepreneurs and businesses who:

~ Would like to better understand designing for their target market/audience
~ Having challenges in their design or platform (web, mobile, tablet, custom software/hardware)
~ Are not sure if the current UX/UI design needs updating, updates, or re-working
~ Considering branding or visual updates to your business

Or, if you need a better understanding of the creative process, design+development, UX/UI, design systems, branding and more.

I can and want to help you:

  • How to get started designing the software you have in mind (web, mobile, tablet or a new platform).
  • What is the process for designing software, where do you start?
  • How to go about finding a good UX, UI or visual designer.
  • Understanding what is missing in your software design, if it can be fixed.
  • If you have designers on your team, understanding them and their design process to best optimize everyones role.
  • If software design is new to your project, how your role with the designers and developers works best.
  • If you are starting your new business - when do you need design and for what?


Why me:

Solving problems through creative solutions, I have applied my creative approach to projects across multiple industries and platforms over the years. This experience have given me a broader range of approach to designing, building and leading software and technology driven solutions. Finding out what you are trying to do and how it can be approached in a standard and often non-standard approach is what I can do with you and your project. Not all projects need apps, big websites or a big team of professionals right away, how to setup the ideal timeline for your project in creative to work with development is what I can advise you on.

A little bit about myself:

As a lifetime creative individual, I am driven by projects were I can push my creative skills and apply my knowledge in the creative process to solve problems. Whether it be custom software, applications, multi-platform solutions, design systems, UX/UI, branding, strategy or conceptual development, the creative process where I bring the next level approach. With a diverse background in design and art ranging across different industries, genres, and project scales, I have been a part of projects from heavy industry media solutions, architecture visualizations, software applications, advertising, video games and more. I have designed for numerous projects in multiple mediums, launching creative projects across multiple platforms in North America, Asia, and South America, each with creativity and precision while solving complex problems for businesses.

Leading and motivating teams both creative and non-creative to execute and deliver projects to meet client and project expectations.
Data visualization dashboards, making complex and difficult to comprehend data visually manageable for any skill level.
UI/UX layout and design for all mobile platforms including 3D interfaces, managing process and development milestones from concept to launch.
Multi-platform UI/UX design on the web, mobile, tablet and custom hardware while promoting best process and innovative design practices.
Conceptual design for branding, marketing and creating detailed brand guides.
Work closely alongside development teams to build efficient pipelines and development techniques for creative and technical deployment.
Knowledge in development limitations and optimization techniques.
Product research and prototype design.
Draft, industrial design, and communicate ideas in a variety of styles and media.
Adaptability to new software and production techniques.

I am always interested in new and exciting projects, and working with clients in designing their product solutions.

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