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Finally, a place to formally pick
anyone's brain.

What is Pick My Brain?

Pick My Brain is an online platform that gives anyone the opportunity to reach out and formally pick anyone else's brain, one-on-one, over the phone for a fee. In other words, if you want to pick someone's brain or invite someone to pick yours we make it easy.

How does it work?

Accessing the knowledge and experience of experts can be hard. Pick My Brain makes it easy.

Step 1: Find a brain

Browse our catalogue of brains. Search by name, profession, company, expertise, location and more.

Step 2: Send a message

Relay the topic and questions you’d like to discuss. Determine whether that brain is the right person for the job.

Step 3: Schedule a call

Estimate the time you will need. Schedule a call based on the brain's availability.

Step 4: Connect, Talk and Pay

Both parties receive an incoming call from a toll-free number at the time of the appointment. Connect directly and privately. Pay only for the time you use.

Brains you will Discover

People who are open and available to share their knowledge and experience with you one-on-one, over the phone.

If you could pick anyone's brain, who would it be?

Learn anything from anyone one-on-one. It's like having your own personal advisory panel in your back pocket.

Buy, sell and share knowledge all in one place

Whether you're looking to pick someone's brain or have someone pick yours, Pick My Brain makes it easy.