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Professional Indoor Volleyball Player and Beach Volleyball Olympian

from Hermosa Beach, California, United States

Knowledge Services

Pick My Brain Call

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  • 30 minutes
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Coffee & Convos

$75 (USD)

  • In person
  • Java Man: 157 Pier Ave, Hermosa Beach, CA 90254
  • 1 hour
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Recruiting Services

$750 (USD)

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Custom Volleyball Coaching Session

$200 (USD)

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  • 24th Street, Hermosa Beach
  • 2 hours
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Speaking Engagement (Lunch & Learn, Conference, Fireside Chat, Retreat, etc)

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Video Analysis

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I am a(n):

Professional Indoor Volleyball Player and Beach Volleyball Olympian

I am also a(n):

Canadian | Mentor | Coach | Student | Public Speaker | World Traveller | Foodie

What I do:

Hello! My name is Sarah Pavan. I am a Canadian professional indoor volleyball player and beach volleyball Olympian, going for GOLD in Tokyo 2020. I have represented Canada both indoor and on the beach since 2001, and have lived all over the world playing volleyball as a career.

I love helping people pursue excellence and be the best they can be, both in and out of sport. I want people to live their dreams, and if I can facilitate that, whether it be through sharing my experience, mindset, or technical approach to volleyball, I can think of nothing more rewarding :)


My Offer:

To to mentor/support volleyball players of all skill levels in reaching their potential.

You can book me for:
Pick My Brain Calls ($30)
Coffee & Convo ($75)
Recruitment Services ($750)
Private Coaching Sessions ($200)
Speaking Engagements ($1500)

My ideal target audience:

Anyone who sees value in connecting with an Olympic athlete.

Ask me about:

  • how I can best help and support you?
  • the habits, routines, practices, mantras, diets, and behaviours of the world's best athletes.
  • sports psychology.
  • mindset and how to train your brain to win.
  • playing professionally.
  • the NCAA recruiting process and how I can help you get connected with schools for scholarship opportunities.
  • what should go into choosing a beach volleyball partner.
  • your volleyball club and how I can help improve your players' games both mentally and physically.
  • brining me in to help you in a collaborative capacity.
  • what kind of volleyball session you are interested in booking.
  • your product, company or service and how I might be able to help you extend your reach with my network.


Why you might want to connect with me:

> I am one of the only people in the world to have played both indoor and beach volleyball at the highest level.
> I love sharing what I've learned, and am learning along the way, with others.
> I know that pursuing excellence is a process, and I believe in honesty through the hard-to-navigate moments.
> I have played with A LOT of different people, and have gained valuable insight in how to manage teammate and coach relationships.

A little bit about myself:

In the volleyball world, I have done it all :) I started playing the sport when I was 10 and at 16, I became the youngest woman ever selected for the Canadian National Indoor Volleyball team.

I attended the University of Nebraska on a volleyball scholarship and won the NCAA National Championship with the Cornhuskers in 2006. While there, I was a 4-time First-Team All-American (one of 5 people ever), 2006 National Player of the Year, and Honda Cup winner, as the Collegiate Woman Athlete of the Year, in 2007. I was recently inducted into the University of Nebraska Athletic Hall of Fame, and had my jersey retired.

After college I played indoor professionally for 10 years around the world, while continuing to represent Canada on the indoor team internationally. I played in Italy, Brazil, South Korea and China. I was a 2-time Superliga Champion with Unilever Rio de Janeiro and the CEV Champions League Best Attacker.

In 2013 I started playing beach volleyball with the objective of going to the Olympics. Not only was I able to attain a life-long dream of representing my country at the Olympics, but I brought home a 5th place finish for Canada in Rio 2016. Since then, my current partner and I have reached the #1 world ranking and are Commonwealth Games champions. I am a 2-time FIVB World Tour Best Blocker, and 3-time gold medallist.

Professional work experiences:

  • Professional Volleyball Player at Global

Educational experiences:

  • Biochemistry at University of Nebraska (4.0 GPA)


Where else you can find and follow me online:

My Pick My Brain portfolio:

Blog: Mental Blocks in Athletes and How to Overcome Them

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Blog: What Will Your Teammates Remember About You?

Blog: Is Being Tall a Prerequisite for Being a Good Volleyball Player?


My Overall Rating:

(3 Reviews)

Written Reviews I've received:

Maxine Cunningham, CEO of Pick My Brain
April 8, 2019 | Custom Volleyball Coaching Session

Went down to Hermosa to play some beach volleyball with a group of ladies and found out Sarah was open and available to run a training session for us!?!

A group training session with Canada's future gold medal Olympian, yes please.

Not only did we get to train with Sarah for 2 hours on the beaches of Hermosa, Sarah also invited us to watch her and her partner Melissa battle it out in a mini tournament against Czech Republic, Australia and the US before our practice.

Talk about a memorable Californian volleyball vacation experience.

Thank you for openly and so kindly sharing your world with us all Sarah. It was such memorable day.

Jessica Bowmaster
January 20, 2019 | Pick My Brain Call

Talking with Sarah was an amazing experience! Her openness made conversing easy and her energy made me feel comfortable to ask what I was genuinely curious about. She really went above and beyond on her side of the call, and I couldn't recommend connecting with her more!

Maxine Cunningham, CEO of Pick My Brain
November 16, 2018 | Pick My Brain Call

Sarah is one of those kinds of people that you feel like you've known for years even though you've only just met them.

I'll admit, I was a bit star struck and nervous the first time I met her, but as soon as we started chatting it vanished and what inspired was a 10/10 conversation about life, volleyball, knowledge, giving back and connection.

Sarah's demeanour, answers and intuition are incredibly well thought out, genuine and deeply inspiring.

I feel like just being around Sarah, without even knowing it, inspires you to want to be the world's best in your own way... that in and of itself is a super power.

Absolutely thrilled for the opportunity to be connected and working with Sarah on helping her share more of her time, knowledge and experience with others in new and creative ways.

If you crave interestingness or advancement in any capacity, connecting with Sarah would be a worth while investment.