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Dedicate the next month to consciously working on your personal style, fashion and confidence.

This service looks like different things for different people, but the premise is the same. We are going to spend one month working on YOU. We can use emails, text messages, in person meet ups, phone conversations, other. Whatever it is, I am going to get you to spend more time actively thinking about your style, wardrobe, look, mindset and feel. Over the course of the month I will help you:

- learn more about your body shape and ratio
- learn more about your best color palettes and definers
- teach you about how to style successfully for any body/shape/size
- send you images that will inspire you to take your outfits one step further
- introduce you to stores I think you would really like
- encourage you to experiment and play with your style
- give you weekly assignments that will help you prioritize how you want to feel
- give you custom ideas and suggestions on how to add more pizazz to your life
- etc.

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  • 1 month of Personal Style + Fashion Coaching

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