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Connect with Riley Lawson,

Style, Fashion & Confidence Coach (because believe it or not, you need all 3)

from Regina, Saskatchewan , Canada


I am a(n):

Style, Fashion & Confidence Coach (because believe it or not, you need all 3)

I am also a(n):

Closet & Wardrobe Specialist | Creative Outfit Curator | Personal Online & In Store Shopper | Self-Love & Self-Worth Strategist | Confidence Builder | Instagram Influencer | Podcaster | Entrepreneur | Self-Employed | Public Speaker | Connector | Spiritual

What I do:

I use style and fashion as a gateway to do deeper confidence work with women.


My Offer:

You can book me for:

> Wardrobe Resets
> Custom Outfit Curations
> Shopping Sessions
> Package Deals
> Coaching
> Private Events

*Book a free pick my brain call to learn more

My ideal target audience:

>WOMEN who want to invest more time and energy into developing their wardrobe, style, look, image, mindset etc.

> MEN who want to help the women in their lives invest more time and energy into developing their wardrobe, style, look, image, mindset etc.

> COMPANIES who want to help their employees invest more time and energy into developing their wardrobe, style, look, image, mindset etc.

Types of WOMEN I tend to attract and love to work with:

Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Mothers, Wives , Divorcee's, Retirees ,Teachers, News Anchors, Social Media Influencers, Local Musicians, Politicians, Etc.

Let’s talk about:

  • invest more time and energy into developing your wardrobe, style, look, image, brand, mindset, etc.
  • get more out of your existing wardrobe and give life to your old clothes by helping you pair your clothes in ways you've never thought to pair them.
  • step outside your comfort zone and try new things.
  • pull together a few really great go-to outfits; everyday outfits, signature outfits, themed outfits, custom event outfits, etc.
  • build and curate your ideal wardrobe.
  • organize your closet and accessories in a way that makes it feel really easy and fun to get dressed in the morning.
  • get more out of life.
  • feel more <insert how you want to feel>.


Educational experiences:


Where else you can find and follow me online:

My Pick My Brain portfolio:

Fashion is meant to be playful. It’s meant to create a feeling, and we have the opportunity to decide that feeling. Sometimes I like to feel sassy, other times I want sophistication and class. At times I like to take risks and use more fashion forward elements, and sometimes I prefer to just opt for comfort and simplified. My point is, you don’t need to have one specific style or put yourself in a classification box to be fashionable. You just have to think about the feelings you want to create and gear your pairings toward that. You feel different every day- your style can adapt to those changes with ease. We’ve all put on an outfit and felt as if nothing could affect us or our day. The feeling that comes from wearing something we like ourselves in, that we walk a little taller and smile a little brighter in, is absolutely attainable on a more regular basis

Mixing vintage with current is not as difficult as it may seem. Here’s how I think about it:
• inject personality: always make sure it feels like you. It might look ‘old’ but if you feel drawn to it, pay attention to that. • do an internal style cycle: cycle through a few ways you could wear the piece. Reference other items in your wardrobe, or even items you may want to invest in to compliment the vintage piece
• don’t over think it.
• combine a vintage piece with a few things that are more fashion forward, trend driven or bold. This automatically infuses the two together in a great harmony of past and present (in this instance, the ripped denim, sock boots, orange lip, layered necklaces) 💗

Do you find that your taste in clothes + style has changed over time? Maybe due to your job, sometimes because of lifestyle changes (being a mama) or even just simply because you like different things. Style isn’t meant to be permanent nor is it supposed to follow strict rules. It’s meant to be fun and expressive, and grow along with you and your life. Don’t be afraid to experiment with new colors, try a bright lipstick, or toss on a blazer. If it feels good to you, you’ll feel good in it. And when that happens, confidence exudes from you before you even speak. And THAT, is where the magic of authenticity can work through your life and create immense joy. Do clothes change your life? Nope. But they can create confidence, and confidence can allow you the opportunity to be unapologetically you. And that helps you show up fully for all the things in your life 💗

Sometimes boldness can come in small sips. And when combined with all your other amazing elements, is just the right amount 💗

I used to not want to wear light coloured jeans for fear of cellulite exposure. I hear women in my daily life comment about not wanting a certain color because of their butt dimples. I just gotta say, I think that entire idea of hiding because of something society deems as imperfect, is complete horseshit.
The comparison game we’re playing is a dangerous one and I have to ask: how is that working for you? Do you feel confident and comfortable? Or are you second guessing everything and wondering what other people are going to think? Why is it that another’s viewpoint has more substance than yours?
Instead of self judging, I want to encourage self acceptance. Instead of thinking ‘I wish I could pull that off’ I want to encourage the swap to ‘I can express myself however I please because that is my CHOICE and my RIGHT’.
Also - literally everyone has felt these things. Even the models on the magazines - and I know this because I’ve been backstage at fashion weeks, and heard the conversations surrounding their bodies. It’s a disease and it’s running rampant in our world.
Time for a change, my babes. Start today. 💛


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Pick My Brain Call

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Package 1: Wardrobe RESET

$200 (CAD)

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Package 2: Curate me some Outfits PLEASE

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Package 3: Can you take me SHOPPING or SHOP for me?

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The WHOLE Package (Package 1 + Package 2 + Package 3)

$500 (CAD)

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1 month of Personal Style, Fashion & Confidence Coaching

$555 (CAD)

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Book me for a Private Event: Speaking Gig, Lunch & Learn, Event, Party, Corporate Event etc.

$250 (CAD)

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