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Sometimes what you need is a big chunk of time together to work through a lot of things, all at once. A whack of dedicated time taking care of the details can create a major transformation in your business.

VIP Days are a virtual version of an in-person day with me where we just start at the top and work though whatever you want. Reviewing all the copy on your website? Figuring out a new product or service from scratch? Untangling a big mess of priorities, tasks and projects? We can do that together.

And really, it doesn't have to be a “day”. Whether you’re looking for a whole day at once, a Saturday morning, two weeknight evenings, whatever works with your schedule – we can get you a big stretch of uninterrupted, focused time to brainstorm, to strategize, or even to implement. (Yup. I can even virtually sit beside you while you get things done.)

This might be for you if any of these apply:

> you're in the thick of things – there’s a lot going on, and you’re juggling numerous marketing and growth issues
> you're having difficulty wrangling things on your own, and you know having someone to do it with you would help
> you have a ton of specific things you want looked at and helped with, and you want to do it in a batch

Virtual VIP Days can be done over phone or zoom or in person (your choice) and include up to 6 hours to focus on whatever’s important to you.

If your head is spinning with all you want to do, have to do, and meant to do, this may be your best option.

To start let's schedule a fun, stress-free pick my brain call to talk about your hopes and dreams and see where you’d like to go from there.

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