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The starter Pick My Brain package is a brilliant solution for the inevitable "Can I Pick your Brain" "Can I buy you a coffee" request?

This package will set you up with your very own Pick My Brain profile that will give you an easy opportunity to formally offer as many, or as few, PAID or FREE Pick My Brain Calls AND Coffee & Conversations as you'd like for 1 FULL year.

Share your new profile publicly or privately. Put strong boundaries around how many "Pick My Brain" bookings you'd like to be open and available for each month. Create a discount code and share it with those who you feel deserve it. Collect reviews and testimonials from all the curious people you took the time to share your knowledge with. Tell the world how great it feels to connect with others and share your knowledge human 2 human when you have a formal system and strong boundaries in place.

This package Includes:

✔ Pick My Brain Profile
✔ 1 Year of Unlimited FREE or PAID Pick My Brain Calls
✔ 1 Year of Unlimited FREE or PAID Coffee & Conversations

Simple Calculation: Do you think you can create $250+ of value in 1 YEAR by giving others an opportunity to more formally Pick your Brain 1:1? Either over the phone OR in person OR online? If yes, the starter profile is for you.

Note: As soon as your payment goes through you will receive everything you will need to build, design and launch your Pick My Brain profile. From there Pick My Brain will handle all your booking, scheduling, payments, reminders, invoicing, reviews, discount codes, and more.

*If you ever feel inclined to add more offers and/or creative revenue streams to your Pick My Brain profile you will be given the opportunity to do so from within the platform.

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  • Become a Brain: Starter Package

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