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Want me to help you continue to brainstorm, strategize, build revenue streams, create content and to build your dream business with you for the next 3 months? Want me to help inject life, energy and excitement in your day to day with new thoughts, challenges, prompts and creative dm's?

If so this package is for you and includes:

✔ 3 Months of creative business coaching & on-going support
✔ 3 Months of my mind on you and your life's pursuits
✔ 2 x 1:1 90 minute creative business coaching sessions per month
✔ Unlimited access to me via dm, email, voice notes, video notes

*This package is invite-only
*3 months gives us enough time to really build up some creative assets, strategy, partnerships, revenue streams, ideas, content and habits.

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  • Let's Work on Your Business (3 Months)

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$4,995 / service


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