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One year of live education and access to other people's brilliant live perspective, energy and drive to help you add, find and create even more value in your life and in your business.

High-Level Details:

Every week (Sunday morning) Brain's are invited to gather online for 1-1.5 hours to talk all about current events, business, goals, creative offers, strategic partnerships, content, perspectives, human behavior, relevant industry news, life lessons, being better etc.

We assign one another weekly assignments which can include videos, podcasts, audiobooks, articles, case studies, and interactive homework. Sunday morning meetings are available all year long and serve as a personal, professional and/or intellectual push.

Brains will be sent a weekly invite and can drop into as many or as few meetings as they would like. Once a month Brains will also be invited to attend workshops and or live interviews. These sessions will focus on a specific topic that we feel would collectively increase the group's intelligence and understanding of the world and of themselves.

Every online gathering will be different but they will all have one goal in common:

And that is to educate each other, inform each other, push each other to work on one another's life projects, lend resources when and where we can, give each other ideas and new perspectives, take on new projects, stay up to date on each other's lives, hold each other accountable.

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Pre Requisite: Become a Brain 6 Week Program
Payment Plans available upon request.
Student & Seniors Tuition: 50% OFF

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