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Imagine announcing to the world that you are now open and available to being booked more creatively and formally for things like free, paid or gifted:

Calls, coffees, dinners, walk and talks, creative consults, brainstorming sessions, strategy sessions, custom session one-on-one sessions, custom group programs, online masterminds, creative mentoring, lunch and learns, online masterminds, private events, mentoring sessions, speaking, coaching and more.

What do you think would happen? What opportunities do you think you would start attracting? Who do you think would take you up on your creative offers?

Build and launch a Pick My Brain profile today so you can find out.

For $249 you will be given priority access to build, test and launch an unlimited number of new and creative offers for one ENTIRE YEAR. All on your own creative terms. You will also receive a professional review of your profile with custom suggestions on how to take it to the next level AND will receive your first official booking and review to make sure you are all set up and ready to go.

How this offer works:

As soon as you commit, you will receive a welcome message with everything you need to know to get started.

> Access to start building your profile and creative offers
> A 25-minute masterclass
> A few articles on this new economy we are very quickly moving into
> A few case studies of other professionals who are building, launching and selling their own suite of creative offers

As soon as you are ready, click submit for review and we will be in touch within 3 business days to follow up.

Extra Notes:

Pick My Brain profiles are specifically designed to help you build, test and launch new and creative offers all on your own creative terms with the purpose of serving others and in doing so serve yourself.

Every Pick My Brain offer comes with a built-in:

> Automated Calling System
> Booking & Scheduling System
> SMS & Email Reminder System
> Invoicing & Payment System
> Client Reviews & Testimonial System
> Discount Codes

That way you don't have to worry about setting up your boundaries every time you have an interaction with someone who wants to learn more from you, nor do you have to worry about invoicing randomly, booking and scheduling and or following up and asking for testimonials. For $249 Pick My Brain handles it all.

Although we do have a free plan coming for people who want to offer a few free calls and/or free coffee and conversations to their community every month, we won't be launching this plan until a bit later on as we will be prioritizing those that want to commit and have a direct need for the tool now.

Either way, you go, Pick My Brain is a powerful tool that can and WILL attract a lot of new and unique opportunities, lessons, and connections into your life.

Start building your creative business and offers today for just $249.

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