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Ready to start offering your time, knowledge and experience to others on your own independent terms more formally? Thinking about launch an independent side hustle? Package 2 might be the perfect package for you.

Package 2 gives you access to build and launch a FULL Pick My Brain profile. A FULL profile allows you to package and price as many independent knowledge-based services as you’d like. You set your own rate, rules and availability. You can offer pick my brain calls, in person coffee & conversations, consulting sessions, mentorship, retreats, packages and more. Start experimenting with your different offers immediately and start earning a bit of independent revenue doing something you are passionate about. Pick My Brain will handle all the admin work for you: booking, scheduling, payments, sending SMS reminders, tracking of stats, collecting reviews, offering discount codes etc.

Start building a side hustle today. "Become a Brain Side Hustle Package" includes:

✔ Early, invite only access to build a FULL Pick MY Brain Profile
✔ Unlimited free or monetized independent service offerings (1 year membership)
✔ 4 virtual brain dates with a Pick My Brain advisor
✔ 20% Pick My Brain Membership Discount

*This package is invite only
*$100/month to continue hosting your FULL Pick My Brain Profile after Year 1

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  • Become a Brain: Side Hustle Package

Maxine's rate:

$1,500 / service


$75.00 (5%)


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