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Want me to help you package and price your services?

With this package you and I are going to work together for an entire month 1:1 to package, price and bundle as many offers and creative revenue streams as we need to, to help move you further towards your goals.

You name it, we can create it.

This plan includes:

✔ 1 Month of Creative 1:1 Business Coaching (4 1:1 sessions, access to me via DM)

Let’s build your Pick My Brain profile strategically and consciously Let’s come up with a custom strategy for building, launching and marketing your new offers. Let’s get serious about your business model and your financial goals. Let’s put strong boundaries in place. Let's get creative with discount codes. Let’s get you set up and running together.

As soon as your $1,500 payment goes through you will be able to book your first 1:1 session to get started.

Note: $25-$50/month + 10% if you would to host your go live and host your paid services on Pick My Brain.

If you have any questions, feel free to book a FREE Pick My Brain call with me to discuss.

*Here are 10 Brain's I've recently worked with to helped get up and running with new creative offers in 4 weeks: +Case Studies

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