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Connect with Maxine Cunningham,

CEO of Pick My Brain

from Vancouver, Canada

Knowledge Services

Pick My Brain Call


  • Over the phone
  • 20 minutes
  • 4 call(s) remaining this month

Coffee & Active Brainstorm ☕️

$75 (CAD)

  • In person
  • Milano (156 W 8th Ave, Vancouver, BC V5Y 1N2)
  • 45 minutes
  • 2 booking(s) remaining this month

Package & Price Me 💰

$250 (CAD)

  • Online
  • 1 hour
  • 4 booking(s) remaining this month

Become a Brain: Starter Plan (New)

$250 (CAD)

  • One time payment
  • 100 booking(s) remaining this month

Become a Brain: Advanced Plan

$500 (CAD)

  • One time payment
  • 25 booking(s) remaining this month

Become a Brain: Group On-board (Invite Only)

$500 (CAD)

  • One time payment
  • 20 booking(s) remaining this month

Become a Brain: 1:1 Onboard (Invite Only)

$1,500 (CAD)

  • Online
  • 1 booking(s) remaining this month

Become a Brain: Weekend Mastermind 🎨

$1,500 (CAD)

  • One time payment
  • 5 booking(s) remaining this month

30 Minutes of Focused Dreaming Out-Loud

$50 (CAD)

  • Over the phone
  • 30 minutes
  • 4 booking(s) remaining this month

Pick My Brain Presents: Women Talking (1/12)

$45 (CAD)

  • One time payment
  • 20 booking(s) remaining this month


I am a(n):

CEO of Pick My Brain

I am also a(n):

Vancouver Startup Founder | Creative Side Hustle Coach | Knowledge Monetizer | Trained Economist | Independent Revenue Strategist | Personal Brand Strategist | Digital Identity Strategist | Super Brain (100+ Braindates) | Airbnb Experience Host (50+ experiences hosted) | Social Media Partner | Creative Investor | Public Educator | Environmentalist | Cofounder of Perspectives | Competitive W2's Beach Volleyball Player

What I do:

I work with creative professionals, businesses and organizations from all around the world to actively package, price, bundle and distribute their knowledge in new, creative, fun and rewarding ways.

I've done this for 300+ Brains so far.

Want to know my biggest takeaway?

You truly can design your own opportunities, invitations, connections, partnerships AND revenue streams. You just have to do the deep and creative self work that is required to discover what it is you want that to look and feel like.


My Offer:

To help you, your business or your organization get up and running with a custom Pick My Brain profile(s) so you, your team and/or your organization can start putting yourself out there in new, creative, rewarding and independently profitable ways.

Curious to learn more, let's start with a:

📞 Pick My Brain Call (Free)
☕️ Coffee & Active Brainstorm ($75)
💰 Package & Price Me Session ($250)

Interested in getting yourself, your team or your organization up and running with Pick My Brain:

🧠 Become a Brain: Starter Plan ($250)
🧠 Become a Brain: Advanced Plan ($500)

Interested in joining one of my programs:

🧠 Become a Brain: Group Program ($500)
🧠 Become a Brain: 1:1 Program ($1,500)

Interested in joining one of my retreats:

🧠 Become a Brain: Weekend Retreat ($1,500)

Interested in working with me 1:1 for a FULL day, month or year:

🧠 Full Day of Creative Coaching & Consulting ($1,500)
🧠 Month of Creative Coaching & Consulting ($3,000)
🧠 Year of Creative Coaching & Consulting ($10,000)

My ideal target audience:

Smart, creative, driven and ambitious people, companies and organizations who want to:

> Connect with people in new, creative, meaningful and intellectual ways
> Gain some experience building, launching and marketing independent service(s).
> Learn how to earn money independently
> Share more of what they know and love with others
> Become more well known and recognized for what they do and what they want to do more of.

Ask me about:

  • how I can help you, your company or your group offer your time, knowledge and experience in new ways on your own creative terms.
  • how I have helped other people, companies, groups and organizations offer their time, knowledge and experience in new ways on their own terms.
  • which package would be best suited for you.
  • where I think the future of work, future of education, future of creativity and the future of the economy is heading.
  • anything pick my brain related: story, mission, partnership opportunities, jobs, feedback etc.


Why you might want to connect with me:

✔ I spend 95% of my time thinking about fun, new and creative ways people could offer their knowledge to others.
✔ I've helped 300+ people create, build and launch their own creative independent services.
✔ I’ve helped 300+ people share more of what they know with others in new and really cool ways.
✔ I've done 130+ pick my brain calls, 40+ coffee and conversations, 41 one-to-one's, 50 + packages and programs, 2 events.
✔ I've learned how to earn anywhere from $500 to $11,000 a month selling my own curated knowledge based services using PMB.
✔ I am connected to a LOT of cool Brains and am consistently introducing them to one another in fun ways.
✔ I am really creative when it comes to building passion driven creative revenue streams AND custom give backs.

A little bit about myself:

Like I said, I spend approximately 95% of my time thinking about how can I help more people share more knowledge.

This is what I've come up with:

👉It's got to be available
👉It's got to be accessible
👉It's got to be useful
👉It's got to be FUN

Enter: Pick My Brain

Professional work experiences:

Educational experiences:


Where else you can find and follow me online:

My Pick My Brain portfolio:

Below are a just a few of the Brains I have recently worked with to help package and sell their time, knowledge and experience in new, creative and independent ways.

I am a:
Semi-Retired Host for Mature Business Women

I want to:
Host mature business women in need of nurturing experience. Think 1) walks in nature 2) home cooked vegetarian meals 3) comforting conversations 4) a revamp of their wardrobe and make up 5) a hair consult, haircut and colour 5) Motivation and encouragement.

I am offering:
Sylvia's Solo Retreat ($500)
Sylvia's Group Retreat ($1000)

Financial Goal:
I want to make $1000 per month by July 30, 2019.

Successful small business women and hairstylist sells her business and moves to Cumberland, B.C to live a creative, semi-retired, Vancouver Island life. Sylvia's new life 2.0 dream? To host mature business women who are in need of a creative, relaxing, fully hosted and expansive concierge type experience.

Why I am using Pick My Brain:
I want to offer this services to my private network only. And I want them to be able to book my services very easily and know that I am inviting them in with both arms. It's important that, that is clearly articulated to me. Pick My Brain makes that part easy. And then there is the ease. I am not comfortable with the word coding. I am comfortable with the word monetization though.

I am a:
Bitcoin Educator

I want to:
Help others understand the ins and outs of what bitcoin is, how to buy it, how to hold it securely, how to automatically bequeath it to loved ones.

I am available to be booked for a:
Pick My Brain Call ($30)
Coffee & Conversation ($50)
Buy your first bitcoin Session ($250)

The more time I spent with Alex the more I learned about bitcoin. The more I learned about bitcoin the more intrigued I became with its potential implications on society. Eventually, I learned enough from Alex that I wanted to invest in the currency myself. Alex walked me through everything step by step and made me feel incredibly confident doing so. That is when I asked Alex if he would be interested in offering the same kind of service to others, but this time as a knowledge consultant. He was down. Together we sat down to identify, package and articulate what exactly he wanted to provide and to whom. We also strategized about how he could use the content he already had on YouTube and Medium to let his network know of his latest unique offer. I can’t wait to see how many people book and pay Alex for his undivided attention and unique offer to help us all stay relevant regarding the digital currency era.

I am a:
ER Physician

I want to:
Offer career advice and support to aspiring medical students, aspiring emergency physicians and emergency physicians considering moving to BC.

I am available to be booked fro for:
Pick My Brain Calls($10)
Medical career coaching ($200 / session)

Val is a full-time ER doctor working in a tertiary care centre in the Vancouver lower mainland. Val is my beach volleyball partner and so we are always trading stories on what we see and notice in our industries. Val shared with me one day that something she wished she had access to during her first 3 years as a physician would have been some kind of medical career coach that she could check in with after an intense shift so that she could reflect on the decisions she made while she was under pressure and assess whether or not she took the most effective course of action. Immediately, I saw the value in what Val had just communicated with me. And so I asked her, do you think now that you are further along in your career you'd ever want to be a medical career coach for new and aspiring med students and offer exactly that? You could be a medical career coach who helps new doctors reflect on the decisions they've made in the ER. Like a medical career therapist almost. She liked it. And not only that, but she even identified that this could even be a service that new med students could claim continuing education credits for. Ultimately, Val has already identified that this is something she would like to do more and more of as she progresses through her career. The idea: 50% ER Doctor 50% Medical Career Coach / Therapist

I am a:
Personal Branding Coach

I want to:
Help people build and improve upon their personal brand in new, creative and fun ways

I am available to be booked for:
Pick My Brain Call ($30)
Branding Session ($150)
Branding Package ($500)
Branding Workshops for Groups and / or Companies ($1000)

A few months ago I got an email through Pick My Brain's "Contact Us Page" that read: "I was googling what "Pick My Brain" meant today because one of my clients used the term in one of our sessions and I had never heard it before and so I looked it up. And that is when I stumbled onto your website and it all became clear. And now that I understand it, I wanted to reach out to you because I am very interested in offering Pick My Brain sessions to my clients. In fact, I think I have been offering them all my life, just without realizing it and without charging for it. Well, I am ready to start charging for it and I was wondering if you could help me do that." After a few Pick My Brain calls with Anna we not only got her up and running to offer paid Pick My Brain calls but we also got really creative with all the other kinds of knowledge based services she could offer her network and clientele. I mean common, look at how cool her profile pic is. Those are the kinds of sessions she runs for people and what she tends to brings out of people.

I am a:
On-demand Shopify Consutlant

I want to:
Help you build, tweak, launch, scale and improve upon your Shopify store.

I am available to be booked for:
Pick My Brain Call ($30)
Shopify Help ($65 / hour)

Claudia is a verified Shopify Expert which means that Claudia has worked on and improved upon 100's of Shopify stores. Claudia and I saw an opportunity for her to leverage her knowledge for all those people who were either starting a Shopify store or needed assistance improving upon their Shopify store. And Claudia anticipated the option to talk it out 1-on-1 over the phone as a service would be a hit as she always received requests wondering what it would take to build a Shopify store, how much it would cost, how much time they should commit, whether or not Shopify was the right platform for them, how to make their Shopify store more user friendly, etc. So we packaged all those insider insights into Claudia's Pick My Brain services and now Claudia now has another consistent revenue stream in her pocket for a service she adores offering.

I am a:
Youtube Influencer

I want to:
Connect with anyone who is interested in: increasing their knowledge regarding nutritional health, learning more about plant-based diets, working for themselves as some point, becoming a content creator, building and or improving upon their own online community.

I am available to be booked for a:
Pick My Brain Call ($70)

In 2016 Sadia quit her job as a dietician at the VGH hospital and started to upload nutritional content to YouTube instead so she could share her knowledge with more people. In 1 years Sadia ended up attracting over 600,000+ subscribers on Youtube and officially became a self-employed YouTube and Instagram influencer. During that time I noticed that Sadia started to drown in emails - no kidding with 600,000 new fans - so the next time we hung out I asked her what if we could direct all those emails towards a page where only those who were willing to pay for her time could connect. She was immediately down and built a Pick My Brain profile the next day. Sadia has been successfully offering Pick My Brain calls to her audience ever since for $140 / hour. More recently, Sadia and I started to think of other ways she could package and sell her time, knowledge and experience. We landed on the potential of offering more consistent Youtube coaching for those who want to build or improve upon their channel and more transparent sponsorship for whoever would like Sadia to test their product and share it with her audience. Pick My Brain has become quite a good revenue stream for Sadia.

I am a:
Wardrobe & Home Decor Stylist

I want to:
Help you style your wardrobe and home with intention and meaning.

I am available to be booked for:
Pick My Brain Call ($30)
Wardrobe Consultation & Styling Session ($150)
Home Decor Consultation & Styling Session ($150)
Styling Assistant ($250 /day)


I am a:
Expert Fundraising and Business Strategist, Reputable Pitch Coach

I want to:
Spend more of my time helping Vancouver entrepreneurs and startup founders come across as investment worthy companies.

I am available to be booked for:
Pick My Brain Call ($30)
Coffee and Conversation ($50)
Pitch & Presentation Session ($200)


I am a:
Designer of well crafted brands & ideas

I want to:
Help you improve upon your brand.

I am available to be booked for:
Pick My Brain Session ($30)
Workshop your Brand Story and Marketing Strategy Sessions ($200)

I am a:
Personal & Corporate Health Strategist

I want to:
Help women carve out time to discover habits, tools, rituals and practises to keep their body, mind, spirit and business grounded and well nourished.

I am available to be booked for:
Pick My Brain Call ($30)
Personal Health & Wellness Assessment ($200)
6 Month Personal Health & Wellness Package ($1200)
Corporate Health & Wellness Workshop ($500)
6 Month Corporate Health & Wellness Package ($3000)
Business Advisor ($1500)
Job Shadow Me For 1/2 Day ($250)

* Coming Soon

As a side gig I run an event based series with my business bestie called #perspectives. It is a series that helps make sense of the world by repackage, reframing and reintroducing relevant and noteworthy topics; where all topics are chosen and shared from a women’s perspective.

The last event we hosted was called ‘Blockchain from a Women’s Perspective” and boy was it a hit. The Vancouver Star even ended up writing an article about us called, “Women claim their stake in blockchain tech.”

The next event we have coming up builds off the success of the last event and is called “How to invest in blockchain-related technologies.”

In my spare time I train and play competitive women 2's beach volleyball and absolutely love it.


My Overall Rating:

(56 Reviews)

Written Reviews I've received:

Leah Shea
September 2, 2019 | Pick My Brain Call

Had an initial chat with Maxine to kick things off. I explained what type of design I do and how I work with clients, and how I might be able to help Maxine with her projects. Great talk just connecting.

Daniel Jacob
August 29, 2019 | Independent 1-on-1 Consulting Session 🖥

Awesome discussion! Sparks fly (in a positive way) when talking to Maxine, she gave me really good energy, inspiration, and great business advice. Highly recommended!

Dane Collison
August 28, 2019 | Coffee & Active Brainstorming ☕️

I booked Maxine to better understand her company, ‘Pick My Brain’ and see if there were any wires that would cross between that and my line of work. Further than getting an exciting explanation of her current situation and plans to come, we were able to develop great work opportunities for both of us!

Jason Williams, Can-Opener for Corporate Culture & Innovation
August 22, 2019 | 1:1 Working Session 🖥

Maxine has been an absolute pleasure to work with as I've built my Pick My Brain profile. I just wrapped up the last of four 1-hour sessions and can't thank her enough! She is super friendly and a joy to speak with, but more importantly has been extremely helpful with well-thought and applicable notes and feedback. Maxine is very good at helping design new business services and her experience with other Brains shows. If only for the personal business coaching, I highly recommend booking some time to speak with Maxine.

Kevin Wishlow
August 15, 2019 | Coffee & Active Brainstorming ☕️

Meeting her for the first time, she definitely have a well
Prepared presentation of her brain. ;)

Alejandra Porta
July 5, 2019 | Coffee & Conversation ☕️

It was a great session, Maxine had great ideas and asked me the right questions. It all felt really natural and exciting! I can't wait to see what happens next.

Christian Genco, Internet Micropreneur, Mentor & Brainstorm-er
June 24, 2019 | ☁️ Dream out-loud with me

Oh man, that was so much fun. I feel like I should be dreaming out loud at least once a quarter.

Jessica McDonald, Part-Time Life & Space Organizer
June 20, 2019 | Dream out-loud with me

The 'dream out-loud with me' session I just had with Maxine was incredible! Maxine's support, guidance, and energy towards my dreams made me super excited about collaborating with her to make them a reality! I can't recommend this session enough!! It felt so good to discuss all my passions and come up with a tangible plan to turn them into a service. Thank you Max!

Jason Williams, Can-Opener for Corporate Culture & Innovation
June 18, 2019 | Pick My Brain Call

Maxine was a pleasure to speak with today. I booked time with her to learn more about the Pick My Brain platform. She took the time to explain its history and how everything works. Maxine is very passionate about this and listened carefully to my questions. Not only was it helpful to learn more about this platform, she also offered some great suggestions on how I can better package my own service offerings and shared some really good ideas based on her experience.

Marie Poulin
June 17, 2019 | Dream out-loud with me

Maxine is brilliant. When I saw this offer I snatched it up right away, because: 1. this is 100% Maxine's gift and 2. I know I get stuck in the day to day, and knew that Maxine was the ideal person to hold space to let me dream without self censoring or feeling silly! Max is so knowledgable and asks such great questions; she was able to help me paint a picture and things went in a direction i didn't expect, but was SO natural and so obvious in hindsight! She helped me articulate what I really want, and offered real practical possibilities that grounded my ideas! She's a great listener; it was like, therapy for possibilities. Thanks for letting me dream, Maxine!

Mary Julkowski, Cannabis Librarian
May 21, 2019 | Pick My Brain Coaching Session

I originally met Maxine by chance at a local event. I was intrigued by her platform and inspired by her positive attitude and enthusiasm. We stayed in touch and continued to learn more about Pick My Brain. Our paths crossed again and I started to work with Maxine to clarify my entrepreneurial journey. She is a wealth of knowledge, creative problem solving, and can value a package or offering like no other! I always enjoy working with Maxine and feel energized by our conversations. She's great at helping you find your way, without making you feel behind or less than. Thank you Maxine!

Deborah Stellingwerff, Life and Business Coach
May 8, 2019 | Pick My Brain Call

Just having Maxine's support while setting up my Brain profile was worth the price of admission! She is a great strategist and has a remarkable gift for packaging a message and an offering. I have learned so much from her during this process that will serve me in my business beyond the set up and running of my profile!

AND, it's been less than a week since I launched and I have already completed one session and just received my second booking. Maxine has created an amazing system that is already making my life easier. My Brain profile is an all in one tool that serves as a digital business card and menu of my services while also being an awesome, no brain required, booking and billing system.

Maxine is a self professed futurist and she isn't exaggerating. She sees vast possibilities and helps others to see those possibilities too!

Thanks, Maxine, for helping to expand my world so I can help others to expand theirs!

Shelly Hughes
April 30, 2019 | Coffee & Conversation

We had an excellent meeting with Maxine. She definitely knows her business and gave us many ideas for expansion in ours.

Vix Reitano, Badass Brand Therapist from New York City
April 21, 2019 | Coffee & Conversation (Pay what you can)

Brilliant concept and amazing conversation. Can't wait to get started.

Meghan Campbell, Founder of Meghan Talks
April 15, 2019 | Pick My Brain Call

My conversation with Maxine was wonderful, and I look forward to working with her more moving forward. She's bright and bubbly and incredibly sharp- she knows her stuff and thinks creatively, and somehow strikes the balance between present and in-the-moment and always one-step-ahead. She's a woman who has made a career out of supporting women, raising them up and lending a hand. The world would be a much better place if more people were even a little bit more like Maxine. She is a very cool lady and- as a bonus- knows how to rock a red lip.

John McGarr, Executive Sounding Board
April 14, 2019 | Private 1-on-1 Session

Maxine is a delight to interact with. We spoke for an hour for my PMB onboarding. Maxine is a good listener, finds the interesting bits and probes to extract the elements to build upon. She has a very clear vision of what PMB is to offer and finds clear ways to apply that to my areas of expertise and experience. And her positive and energetic outlook is infectious. Its a feel-good moment!

Matthew Smith, Entrepreneur, Software Engineer, Builder of cool stuff
April 11, 2019 | Pick My Brain Call

Great conversation full of knowledge sharing.

Chloe Hua, Illustration & Body Art Artist
April 8, 2019 | Become a Brain: Side Hustle Profile

Maxine is absolutely amazing! I booked her because I was really looking to offer my gifts to the world in my own way and be in a community of female entrepreneurs. Maxine really makes me feel that I am more than capable and more than enough to offer the world with everything I have! I can't wait to continuously work with Maxine and the ever-growing pick-my-brain community!

Jessica Elliott
April 6, 2019 | Pick My Brain Call

Thank you maxine! Loved speaking to you and sharing information and knowledge back and forth. Looking forward to seeing how Pick My Brain evolves!

Mary Julkowski, Cannabis Librarian
April 6, 2019 | Pick My Brain Call

Met Maxine at an event last year, kept an eye on her IG and was happy to see her speak at Hervana. She's helped me see the knowledge I have and the value that brings to the market. Looking forward to what we can create!

Justine Hwang
April 5, 2019 | Pick My Brain Call

I had spoken with and observed Maxine's helpful way in delivering a presentation at an event. I was struck by her ability to articulate and tease out what people's passions and abilities are and how to practically offer them to serve others. Even though I already regularly ask similar questions in building my own business, Maxine provided new ways of articulating and a space to verbally process some new ideas for my business. It was helpful to have a fresh perspective and feedback.

Emmy Coffey, Growth Mentor for Small Business Owners
April 5, 2019 | Pick My Brain Call

Speaking to Maxine is a breath of fresh air in a digital world that has increasingly forgotten how to be human. Her drive and aspiration are inspirational. It is rare to find someone who can move so quickly through problem/solution to suggestions of collaborative outcomes. I left our conversation fired up, buzzing with ideas and ready to take action.

Artemisa Bega
March 19, 2019 | Pick My Brain Call

Maxine is an enthusiast and smart lady. It was fantastic talking to her: her ideas and suggestions are on point and I'll start implementing them immediately
She knows how to communicate your strengths, your story and your uniqueness! Looking forward other calls and meeting with her for sure!

Lauren Dary, Ethical Fashion Designer
March 12, 2019 | Pick My Brain Call

I loved my conversation with Maxine. She is amazing at seeing and acknowledging the strengths in others. She has a thoughtful and intelligent perspective that was a delight to witness.

Daniel Maguire
March 7, 2019 | Pick My Brain Call

Smart and friendly!

Ben B
February 19, 2019 | Pick My Brain Call

Great to chat with Maxine and get some actionable ideas for valuing our SaaS product. I picked Max's brain because she has experience with consulting and software overlaps.

Riley Lawson, Style, Mindset & Confidence Coach (because believe it or not, you need all 3)
January 20, 2019 | Pick My Brain Call

Maxine blows my mind more and more with each time we chat. She's really invested in reading between the lines and deciphering what I need and want in my business especially when I'm not totally sure how to communicate it! Her knowledge and insights on how to move forward in business, how to implement and grow, and her vision and creativity is so refreshing and inspiring. I'm absolutely ecstatic to continue to use Maxine as an ongoing coach and mentor.

Jason Scriven, Performance Coach for Accidental Managers
January 10, 2019 | Pick My Brain Call

Booking this first Pick My Brain call with Maxine was a great introduction to the ease and speed of connecting with a Brain. Almost instantaneous text confirmations, notifications, and reminders that kept my call front of mind and an incoming call precisely at our appointed meeting time highlighted how Pick My Brain takes my time seriously.

And my call with Maxine reinforced that notion even more - she was energetic, enthusiastic about the product and how it can easily and quickly connect people who need help with Brains who want to share their Time, Knowledge and Experience.

Thank you Maxine!

Vicko Ma, Contemporary Medical Acupuncturist & Chiropractor
January 9, 2019 | Pick My Brain Call

I booked to learn more about PMB and what I can do to help offer my knowledge and monetize. She was great at helping me dig deep into what I'm passionate about. She was able to listen and formulate an offering when I was just thinking out loud. It was a very inspiring conversation and I look forward to see what PMB and Maxine have to offer

Corey Dalton, Executive Performance & Behavioural Assessment Specialist
December 19, 2018 | Pick My Brain Call

Inspiring, Energizing and Effective. As always!

Keltie Maguire, Clarity Coach
December 19, 2018 | Coffee & Convo

Another wonderful conversation, Maxine! I'm excited to further explore my Brain profile offerings and how we can work together!

Jody Shakespeare
December 17, 2018 | Pick My Brain Call

When I stumbled across "Pick My Brain," I naturally went to scope out Maxine. And WOWZA am I so glad I did that. Maxine listened closely and asked pointed questions about what it is I do and the value I provide. She was so great at rephrasing and repeating back in clearer language what I do. I'll definitely be utilizing her wisdom on my copy and pitch moving forward!

Meredith Garritsen, Curator of Connections and Opportunities
December 14, 2018 | Pick My Brain Call

I booked with Maxine to discuss creating packaged solutions in my business to streamline frequent requests and add additional revenue streams. Maxine helped to take my vision and create a plan for execution.

Pieter Basedow, Independent Beekeeping Consultant
December 12, 2018 | Starter Pick My Brain Profile

as always I feel more and more inspired to do what I am doing after each conversation with Maxine!

Neha Ranglani, Non-Diet Dietician
December 1, 2018 | Starter Pick My Brain Profile

It's amazing to speak with Maxine.. she is super helpful, knowledgable and so innovative with her ideas to he you reach out to people!!

Natasha Miroshnichenko, Career Strategist, Psychologist & Consultant
November 22, 2018 | Pick My Brain Call

Maxine was inspirational and so motivating. Love her energy. S ‘get it dine’ Attitude. A pleasure to work with.

Pieter Basedow, Independent Beekeeping Consultant
November 22, 2018 | Pick My Brain Call

great call with Maxine to further plan to build a profile and next steps. Maxine is an inspiration to make things happen

Marsha D'Angelo, Curriculum Thinker, Developer & Design Consultant
November 21, 2018 | Pick My Brain Call

Maxine was knowledgable, articulate, supportive and helpful. She was willing to listen and had great ideas about where I can apply my skills and experience. I look forward to learning more from her.

Sean Seraphim Clarke, Pick My Brain Recruiter & On-Boarder- Seeking Medicinal Cannabis Brains
November 7, 2018 | Brainstorm & Strategy Session

Every minute in the company of Maxine was a perfect recipe for self-awareness, motivation and structured thinking. The ripple effect of our meeting carries through and I can't wait to book my next allocated slot. A true gem !!

Kaila Holtz, Physiatrist
November 5, 2018 | Full Pick My Brain Profile

I booked Maxine to help build me a PickMyBrain Profile. I have a tech start-up idea and wanted an online launch pad to get me started outside of the typical social media channels. The PickMyBrain platform is the perfect place for anyone interested in attracting a specific clientele or collaborator.

Maxine has a gift for unlocking an individual's "why". To do this she really focuses on how each of her clients is unique. She was able to help me group my skills and experiences into headings and descriptions that are relevant to like-minded customers and collaborators. With the software she's developed she was able to do this quite quickly. The platform is easy to edit and Maxine is always refining ways to make it even more powerful.

PickMyBrain is more than list of credentials and accomplishments. It's a tool that will help me manifest my ideal workplace, clients, and job description. Thanks again!

Laura Fortey, Blockchain Startup Founder
November 3, 2018 | Coffee & Convo

Greta first convo!
Stoked to sign up and become a brain!

Jonathan Dixon, Here to maximize your potential
November 3, 2018 | Coach Me

As always, great collaborating with you Maxine. Looking forward to following up with you in a few weeks.

Corey Dalton, Executive Performance & Behavioural Assessment Specialist
November 2, 2018 | Pick My Brain Call

Maxine is a star. She was prepared and had some valuable insights for me and my business.

Heather Pennell, Conscious Relationship Guide & Facilitator
September 4, 2018 | Brainstorm & Strategy Session

Maxine is one of those women who can light up a room with her excitement about a project. Her support, energy and insight left me feeling motivated, clear and ready to move forward. She's innovative, informed and action-oriented - just what I needed when I was feeling stuck. Couldn't recommend her more!

Sophie Bujold, Strategic Online Community Builder
August 20, 2018 | Pick My Brain Call

After my first conversation with Maxine, I had to come back for more! This time, we had a deeper strategy session to chat about my knowledge of online brand communities. As usual, Maxine was full of juicy insights, great questions, and exciting ideas. Her enthusiasm for knowledge and how to share it is apparent as soon as you meet her.

Our conversation helped me simplify my unique selling proposition and made me realize that I need to focus less on the type of platform I use for community building and more on the strategy I put into it when I pitch my services to clients. This is something I've been trying to refine for over a year now and Maxine helped me do it in less than an hour!

Kaila Holtz, Physiatrist
August 10, 2018 | Pick My Brain Call

Chatting with Maxine was really helpful and came at just the right time. We discussed my interests and skills and ways to potentially monetize them. Maxine took our conversation to a productive level by creating realistic action items and offering practical suggestions to get me started that aligned with my goals.

I appreciate Maxine's listening skills and ability to ask clarifying questions to flush out great ideas. I highly recommend her to any medical or health professional looking to start a business or just get an idea off the ground.

Puru A, Software Quality Assurance Consultant for all things Tech & Startup.
July 29, 2018 | Coffee & Convo

Wonderful conversation and an Amazing Human Being.
I met Maxine for coffee to brainstorm my business idea and get some understanding of the market and I am glad that I did.

Maxine helped me break down the idea into actionable steps I can (and need to) take that gave me so much insight on where and how to start. Not only this, Maxine encouraged me to be brave and while talking to her I was able to see my idea from a different perspective.

The best part is that Maxine is very friendly and the conversation grew organically. She was very welcoming in knowing you as a person, your ambitions and what are your real goals in life. You do not find this quality in lot of people. Secondly, I am amazed by her experience, knowledge and the zeal to help people.

I highly recommend meeting Maxine to anyone who is looking for an inspiration, need help for their business or just want to build a network of amazing human beings !!

Thank You Maxine for all your time, inspiration and Coffee :) :)

Sophie Bujold, Strategic Online Community Builder
July 10, 2018 | Pick My Brain Call

Maxine is extremely skilled at spotting the knowledge sharing opportunities you have a hard time seeing on your own and then packaging them up into marketable offers. If you have a chance to spend time picking her brain, take it immediately!

Abdul But
May 9, 2018 | Pick My Brain Call

Maxine is a Maxine. It was great talking to her as I was holding some steps to be taken after I reach to certain point, during our talk I was convinced to change the strategy and I am working on it now. I thank you and expect great achievements in your future.

John Kogan
May 1, 2018 | Pick My Brain Call

Maxine is a brilliant idea generator and operator - a rare combination. Articulate and insightful, you would do well to seek her counsel.

David Foy
April 30, 2018 | Pick My Brain Call

My time with Maxine flew by! She had some awesome insight for my start up. She provided great advice that was deeply helpful from someone that had just learned about my business. It is a great skill to be able to immerse yourself in someone's business so quickly and be able to see solutions.

A great experience that I look forward to having many more times!

Preeti Dhaliwal
January 27, 2018 | Pick My Brain Call

I met Maxine at a friend’s home a year before pickmybrain was launched. Although I didn’t speak to her again for a year, I remembered her very well and spoke of her often. I described her as "this amazing woman who meets people and sees their gifts right away. She honours their lived experience and translates their accumulated knowledge (lived and learned) into skills that can be shared and offered with others as a form of sustenance.” Maxine is an economist who sees how skills translate into needs/demand in markets while honouring you - your experiences, your knowledge, your creativity and your desire.

About a year later, pickmybrain had launched and I arranged a phone call with Maxine. I wanted to know how I could share my knowledge about social justice and facilitation. I also wanted to explore services I could offer given the knowledge, experience and education I have. Ultimately, I needed support identifying the skills I have to offer and services I could potentially offer so that I could envision ways to support organizations and individuals with issues related to race, equity and diversity.

In the phone call, Maxine highlighted what I know and what excites her about my work so far. She not only asked me about what I know but who I am, what I’ve done and what, in all of this, I love the most. She listened deeply and asked questions that helped me keep probing. Before chatting with Maxine, I wasn’t at a stage where I realized I had so much to offer, or that I could offer my skills and knowledge independent of an institution. I left our conversation confident, hopeful and curious. I suddenly had the courage to apply for a radical entrepreneurship course and begin envisioning how I could work for myself. I was accepted to the course which has been transformational on a number of levels, but it was Maxine’s confidence in me that allowed me to explore myself, my skill set and what I want to share with the world in ways I otherwise wouldn’t have given myself permission to do (or realized I was able to do). The witnessing, reflection and knowledge that Maxine offers is an incredible gift. For me, becoming an entrepreneur isn’t a quick process but a meaningful one that is slowly allowing me to re-envision and re-orient myself to becoming someone who can work for herself in conditions and parameters that suit her needs and desires.

Carole Monnier Clark, Executive Director and Co-Founder of an NGO
November 14, 2017 | Pick My Brain Call

What an energizing conversation! Maxine bubbles over with enthusiasm and insights. We covered every topic that was requested and more, specifically around leveraging online media to create meaningful change.

Hung up with a million new ideas and looking forward to speaking again!

Sadia Badiei, YouTube Content Creator
November 6, 2017 | Pick My Brain Call

I'm forever thankful for having gotten to know Maxine. Humble, down to earth, driven and compassionate are just a few of her many wonderful attributes. I've felt completely supported in the process of creating my own profile on the PMB platform, and I've appreciated her on-going feedback and insights on how I can strengthen my profile even further. When speaking with Maxine, I feel like I've got her undivided attention. She comes to each call fully prepared and offers strategies that help me take a fresh perspective on my approach. This has helped not only with my PMB profile, but also with my own business and how I've gone about building it. In short: Maxine is absolutely terrific, and I would absolutely recommend her services to anyone. Thanks for all you do, Maxine!

Kim Hall, Trusted Health Care Professional & Successful Entrepreneur
November 3, 2017 | Pick My Brain Call

Maxine is kind, compassionate and super creative. Her guidance and questions will help you identify your own personal skill sets and crystallize your compelling message to share with the world!

Anna-Karin Lingham, Creative Brand Strategist & Coach
November 3, 2017 | Pick My Brain Call

I had a very inspiring and valuable call with Maxine. She shows great interest, is a curious listener, asks very relevant questions, picks out the essence in your message and turns it into something even more valuable. She gives great advice with full focus on helping you to move your ideas and questions forward. She shows - in a both strong and humble way - a high ambition in her profession and her goals.

Maxine is very friendly, professional and easy-going to talk to. I highly recommend a call with Maxine!