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Visual Development Artist / Art Director for Animated Film and Television

from , Canada

Matt's Offers

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Pick My Brain Call

$25 (USD)

  • Over the phone
  • 30 minutes
  • Currently available


I am a(n):

Visual Development Artist / Art Director for Animated Film and Television

I am also a(n):

Beach Volleyballer | Avocado Lover | Wanna-be Surfer Dude


My Offer:

I've been drawing since I was 2 and I want to share that passion with you. I've spent the last 7 years working for animation studios as a Character Designer and Art Director. I believe that with passion and dedication, anyone can achieve their goals and dreams. I believe that I can inspire you to reach higher than you thought possible and I have the first-hand experiences of working in studios to be able to share with you.

I want to help you:

  • help building your online presence
  • personalized assignments that will prepare you for the challenges of designing in a studio
  • to know what it's like to design for animation
  • to learn how to be self-critical of your own artwork
  • a professional opinion about your portfolio
  • to hear about my inspirations and mentors
  • to be inspired


Professional work experiences:

  • Lead Character Designer at Nerd Corps Entertainment
  • Art Director at DHX Media
  • Art Director/Designer at iCloud Interactive
  • Lead Caricature Artist at Paramount Canada's Wonderland

Educational experiences:

  • Diploma at St Clair College of Art & Design


Where else you can find and follow me online:

My Pick My Brain portfolio:


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