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I only interview people who are doing and adding good things to the world. The unfamous famous as I call them. If you know of any of them, please send them my way. So far I've interviewed a ..... . I am always looking and finding good stories to tell to my audience. It helps me connect, engage, practise my craft, grow my audience and most importantly helps me showcase another beautiful human beings life.

Here is how my podcast works (it's a little different than most):

First off. You can't come empty handed, you have to come with an offer; something special that you want to offer the world at the end of the show. It can be ANYTHING. I'll help you come up with an idea if you need help. I've seen some good ones. Secondly, because I want the show to be ALL about the famous/unfamous people who are doing really cool things, that is what we are going to focus and dial in on. And lastly, the show is going to be short, sweet and focused (20-30 minutes MAX). I've got a really efficient process that will make sure we land there.


Pre Meeting (X minutes)
Outline (insert link)
Review with the guest (X minutes)
Record (30 mintues)
Edit it (X mintues)
Send it to Audio Guy (X mintues)
Edit Again (X minutes)
Write a blog page (X minutes)
Upload and Distribute it (X minutes + love)

Then BAM.

X weeks later a really focused 20-30 minute story that will live on of you FOREVER. AND will be associated wtih a list of some of the 100 most unfamous famous people out there.


I do all this for free because I LOVE it. The small fee is there to ensure we both show up and honour our time. I have found it to be a GREAT filter for those who really value people's time and aim to really show up. Let me know if this is a problem at all and we can chat.

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