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Designer of well crafted brands & ideas

from Vancouver, Canada


I am a(n):

Designer of well crafted brands & ideas

I am also a(n):

Chief Amazement Officer at Outshinery | Independent Award-Winning Creative Director

What I do:

Empowering the alcohol industry with dazzling imagery (product photography, lifestyle images & videos).

Having fun running! (the startup I created to fulfill the need above)

Designing new branding and packaging for wineries, breweries and even ice-creams!


My Offer:

Stuck into a branding rut? Uninspired for your next marketing campaign? Wondering what's up and coming for the alcohol industry? Let me help!

I can help you gain momentum, renew your enthusiasm and make you look in places you may have never thought of looking before. Let me share my industry insider knowledge and latest insights with you. Consult with me so that I can support you in any way I can.

Together let's have you, and your brand, reach its true potential!

My ideal target audience:

Businesses of all sizes that sell wine, beer, spirits and more!

Let’s talk about:

  • your imagery frustrations and how to overcome perceived limitations.
  • your marketing challenges and how to address them.
  • your brand potential and how to bring it to the next level.


Why you might want to connect with me:

Enthusiastic, on point and on brand. A connector at heart, I take great pride in nurturing all my professional relationships and love being of service. Together let's establish the bigger picture around your brand and products, discuss strategy, and surprise ourselves along the way!

Hop on a Pick Ny Brain call with me: let's have you and I talk on how we can apply my creative and strategic thinking to your business!

A little bit about myself:

I've over 12 years of experience as an independent creative director in the alcohol and food industry.
Working with clients from all around the world, I develop brands that stand out from the crowd, delight consumers and sell.

I've a knack for innovative marketing and narrative packaging, and a deep understanding of where the industry is going.
Always learning, I love to share and develop groundbreaking concepts.

Professional work experiences:

Educational experiences:


Where else you can find and follow me online:

My Pick My Brain portfolio:

I enjoy hosting workshops for guilds and associations, and being a speaker at industry events.

30 5-star Google reviews and I'm only just getting started!

I set myself to drastically improve how the beverage industry markets itself.


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Written Reviews I've received:

Maxine Cunningham, CEO of Pick My Brain
June 19, 2018 | Pick My Brain Call

I specifically chose and invited Laurie to apply to become a Brain on this platform because of her exceptional customer service, enthusiasm and pizazz.

You just need to hang out with Laurie once to know what I mean.

She integrates brand and culture in everything she does from her work, her relationships, her business, her home decor, her style and even her choice of tools to work with.

She notices it everywhere she goes and is a wealth of information when it comes to knowing what it takes to stand out.

An award winning French designer that walks the walk, I promise you will walk away seeing the world a bit different after talking to this worldly design and branding globe trotter.


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