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Connect with Lauren Dary,

Ethical Fashion Designer

from Edmonton, Canada

Lauren's Offers

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Pick My Brain Call

$40 (CAD)

  • Over the phone
  • 30 minutes
  • 3 call(s) remaining this month

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☕️Coffee and Conversation

$60 (CAD)

  • In person
  • Second Cup Riverbend Square - 478 Riverbend Square NW, Edmonton, AB T6R 2X2
  • 1 hour
  • 2 booking(s) remaining this month

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💗1 Month of Style, Body Confidence & Wardrobe Mentorship

$250 (CAD)

  • One time payment
  • 3 booking(s) remaining this month


I am a(n):

Ethical Fashion Designer

I am also a(n):

Reformed Fast Fashion & Consumer Junkie | Established Photographer | Stay at Home Entrepreneurial Mother | Founder of Gus Sloan | Slow Fashion Enthusiast | Body Positivity Advocate | Mother of 2 | Potty Mouth | Modern Day Mentor | Modern Day Educator

What I do:

I help modern day women put more time and energy into their wardrobe, style, look, image, mindset and confidence through fun conversations, encouragement and consistent DMing.


My Offer:

To be a resource, mentor and new "educator-like" friend for women who want to learn more about slow fashion, fast fashion, ethical design, sustainability, body confidence, wardrobe, finding their style, owning their style, having fun with their style, being bold, taking risks, putting themselves out there etc. You get the picture.

I am making myself open and available to be booked for:

📞 1:1 Pick My Brain Calls ($40)
☕️ 1:1 Coffee & Conversations ($60)
💗 1 Month of Personalized Style, Body Confidence & Wardrobe Assignments ($250)

My ideal target audience:

Types of women I tend to attract and love to connect with:

Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Moms, Friends, Modern Day Women.

I can help you:

  • my body confidence journey.
  • my entrepreneurial journey.
  • how I found, committed and started to own my own individual style.
  • how I trained my mind.
  • the most important habits I've instilled.
  • fast fashion, slow fashion and ethical design.
  • the highs and lows of my self love, self discovery and self acceptance journey.
  • where you can shop ethically.


Why you might want to connect with me:

We are meant to express ourselves and show the world who we are, but it's not always the easiest journey. I'm here to provide guidance and encouragement through the process.

I am deeply involved, both professionally and personally, in helping more women find and fully embracing the truest version of their imperfect selves.

A little bit about myself:

I am the owner and designer of an ethical fashion brand that is deeply rooted in self-love and body positivity. I've been on a journey to self-love and acceptance for most of my life, so I understand the impact it has on one's everyday life. AND I understand the direct correlation between what we wear and how we feel. I design clothing to be kind and forgiving for the wearer - to bring forth comfort and confidence. We should feel good in our own skin and in the clothes we choose to wear. Compromise has no place here.

Professional work experiences:


Where else you can find and follow me online:

My Pick My Brain portfolio:

Hi! my name is Lauren. Here are just a few things I love doing, spending time on and sharing with others.

Feel free to follow along:

Dressing up, dressing down, owning my style, accepting who I am, loving myself no matter what.

Showing up like the goddess I know deep down I am - who better to empower me than ME?

Sharing insecurities and my personal mindset battles - a journey towards more body positivity and acceptance.

Triple Threat.

Ethical Fashion Designer, Established Photographer, Entrepreneurial Stay at Home Mom.

Doing the best I can with what I've got every damn day. Embracing the imperfect to become the best version of myself.


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