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Me or a member of my team will prepare a consult template for you to take to medical appointments outlining your history, previous investigations and other relevant medical information. We will keep this information current with the results and information you provide.

We are available during regular business hours 8am to 5pm for communication regarding upcoming medical appointments (with other specialists) and next steps in injury diagnosis and management.

We will make suggestions regarding which allied sport and exercise medicine professionals may be the right fit for you and coordinate your appointments with them as needed based on your preferences.

We may attend appointments with you and answer questions regarding the diagnosis and treatment plan outlined by medical or rehabilitation professionals (extra fees apply).

Services provided are outside of the scope of a typical physician-patient relationship under the existing MSP.

Services are provided on a month to month basis. $500 per month due on the 1st of the month.

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Monthly Concierge Athlete Healthcare Navigation

  • Over the phone

Kaila's rate:

$500 / service


$35.00 (7%)


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