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Tandy CEO

from Vancouver, Canada


I am a(n):

Tandy CEO

I am also a(n):

Sports Medicine Physician

What I do:

I'm building Canada's first interdisciplinary database of qualified Sport and Exercise Medicine professionals.


My Offer:

I endeavour to help you attract the types of referrals and clients that feed your passion and maximize your expertise.

My ideal target audience:

Physiotherapists, chiropractors, massage therapists, kinesiologists, athletic therapists, sports medicine physicians, sports psychologist, exercise physiologists, personal trainers, group fitness instructors, coaches and biomechanists.

Ask me about:

  • Build a digital identify and professional online presence that sets you apart in the field of Sport and Exercise Medicine.
  • Search for and connect with other sport and exercise medicine professionals.
  • Streamline your workflow and utilize technology when discussing physical activity or exercise prescriptions.
  • Help clients differentiate you from someone with little or no training.


Why you might want to connect with me:

As a physician, I know that health and exercise professionals don’t have a lot of time to waste. I come up with practical, cost effective solutions to the workflow problems physical activity prescription creates. I’m a connector by nature and I’ve helped clinicians and individuals bridge gaps in care, find exercise professionals that get results and I have had success in engaging people in physical activity or getting them back to sport.

A little bit about myself:

I am an Olympian turned Coach turned Sport and Exercise Medicine Physiatrist. Physiatrists are medical doctors with 5 years of specialty training in the non-operative diagnosis and management of orthopaedic and neurological conditions. I've sub-specialized in Sports Medicine and my clinical interests are in overuse injuries and physical activity counselling.

My son was ultimately responsible in launching my side-hustle tech start-up career. Going back to work after maternity leave motivated me to create something where I could work from home 1-2 days per week.

My passion is exercise and I love working out. Spinning, HIIT training, hiking, yoga and chasing after my toddler are my current pastimes outside of medicine. Because sport and physical activity has had such a positive impact on my life, I want to help others reduce barriers to an active lifestyle. 85% of Canadians are classified as inactive/sedentary (20.1 million). Let’s change that.

My mission is to:
> Give health care providers the tools they need to encourage patients to move more.
> Build bridges between health and exercise professionals.
> Help reduce the barriers individuals face finding an exercise professional that meets their unique needs and goals.

Professional work experiences:

  • Resident Physician - Sports Medicine Fellow at Vancouver Coastal Health
  • Research Associate at Hollenberg Laboratory, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Centre
  • Softball Pitching Consultant & Guest Coach at Planet Fastpitch
  • Graduate Research Assistant at Braun Energy Metabolism Laboratory Department of Kinesiology, UMass
  • NCAA Division Varsity Assistant Softball Coach at University of Massachusetts - Amherst

Educational experiences:

  • Resident, Division of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Residency, Faculty of Medicine at University of British Columbia
  • Doctor of Medicine at University of British Columbia
  • Master of Science in Kinesiology at University of Massachusetts, Amherst
  • Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science at University of Massachusetts, Amherst


Where else you can find and follow me online:

My Pick My Brain portfolio:

The A.C.E.S. Framework of Physical Activity Prescription.

I am the Physician lead for a multi-disciplinary team working to change the way doctors talk to their patients about physical activity in Canada.

The project is funded by St. Paul's Foundation with support of the UBC Faculty of Medicine.

CANpitch: Canada’s Grassroots Youth Pitching Program

I am a co-creator of Softball Canada’s CANpitch Program. 2500+ youth annually receive instruction on the fundamental skills of windmill pitching.

I spend my free time researching and discussing the biomechanics of softball pitching and the contributing factors to common softball injuries. I've helped educate 100+ beginner pitching coaches across Canada using a National Coaching Certification Program I helped write for Softball Canada.

I enjoy educating athletes, parents and coaches about the power of play and harms of early sport specialization.

I was featured in Resident Doctors of BC's April 2018 edition.


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