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Connect with Jason Scriven,

Performance Coach for Accidental Managers

from Victoria, Canada

Jason's Offers

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Pick My Brain Call


  • Over the phone
  • 30 minutes
  • 16 call(s) remaining this month

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Performance Coaching

$250 (CAD)

  • Over the phone
  • 1 hour
  • 4 booking(s) remaining this month

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Performance Coaching (4 sessions)

$800 (CAD)

  • Over the phone
  • 1 hour
  • 1 booking(s) remaining this month

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Performance Coaching (10 sessions)

$1,750 (CAD)

  • Over the phone
  • 1 hour
  • 1 booking(s) remaining this month

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Seminar: Know the Code to Become a Better Tech Manager

$1,500 (CAD)

  • In person
  • Client Designated Facility
  • 2 hours
  • 1 booking(s) remaining this month

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Workshop: Build a Team of Strength

$1,500 (CAD)

  • In person
  • Client Designated Facility
  • 3 hours
  • 1 booking(s) remaining this month

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Block of 25 Hours for Your Organization (5 mgrs)

$5,625 (CAD)

  • One time payment
  • 2 booking(s) remaining this month

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Block of 75 Hours for Your Organization (10 mgrs)

$11,250 (CAD)

  • One time payment
  • 2 booking(s) remaining this month


I am a(n):

Performance Coach for Accidental Managers

I am also a(n):

Experienced Sales & Marketing Executive | Former Director of Advertising | Master Networker | Public Speaker & Educator | Trained Servant Leader | Relationship Builder | Networking Seminar Leader | Maximizer | Golfer

What I do:

I help accidental managers - professionals who end up in a supervisory or management role - make the leap from individual contributor to people manager.


My Offer:

Making the leap from individual contributor to a people manager is among the most challenging transitions in a career. Even the most talented and successful individuals stumble as they learn to take on a new identity and different responsibilities.

This is where I love to come in:
+ To help new managers actively set aside time in their busy days to become better people managers.
+ To deliver performance coaching for all people managers in a company. department or organization.

My 1-on-1 coaching sessions are typically via the phone, are usually one hour in length and can be booked on an as needed basis. I have found 10, 1-on-1 sessions over the course of a 4 month period to be ideal and to have the largest impact on a new manager's performance. It's the perfect amount of time to really dig in and commit to making an advancement in your career.

Organizations can book a block of hours and make my 1:1 coaching sessions available to all people managers based on their own needs and schedule. In my experience, this service is ideal when you have 5-10 people managers and a culture where learning and development are a priority.

My ideal target audience:

+ First-time people managers who feel overwhelmed by suddenly being in charge.

+ Leaders who have been recently promoted or are transitioning to new companies or new industries and who want someone to help them hit the ground running.

+ Project managers who want to be better at leading a team with no direct reports.

+ Companies that want to offer performance coaching as part of their training/development program.

I can help you:

  • Becoming a Confident People Manager
  • Managing Staff Performance
  • Managing Your Boss
  • Managing a Multi-Generational Team
  • Managing Your Time So it Does Not Manage You
  • Maximizing Your Strengths as a Manager
  • Making it Work as a Project Manager
  • Recruiting the Right People
  • Managing in a Union Environment


Why you might want to connect with me:

I have worked in small startups, established tech companies, subsidiaries of multi-billion dollar conglomerates and 100-year-old media companies and can share my insights from managing in each of those environments.

I have a Master's degree in Executive Leadership from the University of San Diego. In this program, I studied Servant Leadership and Situational Leadership under Ken Blanchard, author of One Minute Manager Builds High Performing Teams. Principles of which are the cornerstone of how I will help you Become a Better Manager - learning to lead with influence, and love, instead of authority.

I can help you with the macro level strategies and work habits that make a successful people manager down to the micro level details, such as performance reviews, team meetings and how to help your boss succeed.

I am someone who will be in your corner all the way and someone who wants to see you succeed.

A little bit about myself:

I have coached professionals in Tech, Higher Education, Non-Profit, Government, Small Business and Multi-National Organizations. I am transparent and collaborative, and you can expect the same as we work together. I take my work and your success seriously, but with a light touch. You can expect some references to how leadership is portrayed in pop culture and the occasional sports analogy as we work together.

In the Clifton StrengthsFinder universe, my theme is MAXIMIZER. A person with a Maximizer theme seeks to transform something strong into something superb. Strengths, whether mine or yours, fascinate me and I have a natural discrimination toward working with people who recognize and celebrate their own strengths.

I will help you recognize your strengths and talents, the potentials and the capabilities, and see what you can be when they are fully developed.

Professional work experiences:

Educational experiences:


Where else you can find and follow me online:

My Pick My Brain portfolio:

“I am new to the management world and have had such a positive experience with Jason’s coaching. I would recommend this to anyone else new to managing who is looking for some guidance."

A millennial age staff member in a service unit of provincial government is promoted into a supervisory position for the first time. Their team is a mix of generations - from close to retiring boomers to working their first job out of college millennials - and is a union environment. We met weekly for their first 4 months.

“Our coaching sessions really helped me calm down and not let work get the best of me (when it really could have!).”

An experienced practitioner in the healthcare field was recruited to run a new clinic in their late 20's. It was their first time managing people and many of the staff were former colleagues from school or the industry. We worked together for 12 months - meeting weekly for the first 2 months and then every few weeks after that.

"Thank you for the amazing coaching over the last 5 months. It's made a significantly positive impact on my career as a new manager."

A top sales person in an established SaaS company is recruited to lead a sales team at a new company in the same industry with heavyweight founders and investors. We met weekly and connected via text for on the spot coaching as needed.


My Overall Rating:

(1 Review)

Written Reviews I've received:

Maxine Cunningham, CEO of Pick My Brain
February 2, 2019 | Pick My Brain Call

Jason has all the qualities I look for in a coach; personable, trustworthy, accountable, quick, self actualizing and fun.

I booked a session with Jason so I could learn more about how I could best use his time, knowledge and experience to help me move forward.

Jason asked me a few powerful questions and then he gave me the space and time to really think through those questions. The questions he asked quickly confirmed his interest, intuitiveness and desire to help me. And the space he provided quickly confirmed not only his ability to listen, but his ability to pick up on what I was saying which allowed him to take us even further in our conversation.

I forgot how nice is it to have someone outside of your world ask you all the right questions and to give you space to find your answers.

Looking forward to our next session Jason.