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With this session, a 7 inches by 7 inches Temporary Jagua Tattoo will be custom designed and painted.

What a session with me is like, aka the process:

First 15-30 minutes.

I always start my sessions off with a 15-30 minute design and feeling check-in: Where are you at? What are you feeling? What are you craving? What designs and patterns are speaking to you? What do you need more of? What are you wanting to reflect on? what feelings are you wanting to amplify etc? Based on this information, I can better design your tattoo.

Note: I will always confirm the design and intention with you before painting. However, if you feel in the mood to pass all creative decisions to me, I will go ahead and paint on you based on what I believe will serve you best.

Rest of the session:

This is where I will start to paint. The amount of precision and technical skills would be the most time consuming part of the painting process. Very much like a real tattoo, Jagua body art cannot be erased and re-done once the ink is applied on the skin. I have dedicated my entire life to hone and master my drawing/painting skills. Therefore, I am confident to serve you with the most premiere grade artistry.

Once the session is finished, I will send you home with aftercare instructions to preserve your body art for as long as possible. Please note that the mutual color and the shelf life of a Jagua body art piece are catered to each person as everyone's skin composition and metabolism rate are different. Following the aftercare instructions will assist the staining process and preserving the tattoo. However, they do not guarantee a certain shade or a certain duration of shelf life. Generally, a Jagua tattoo stains the darkest on hands and feet and it lasts for 1-2 weeks.

*When you book you will receive a list of things to do before your appointment.
*Please inform me if you would like a chest, back, or upper thigh tattoo.
*A jagua tattoo lasts for 7-14 days depending on the skin type, mindfulness & the design.
*Please avoid Jagua body art if allergic to strawberries or blueberries.

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7 by 7 Custom Temporary Jagua Tattoo

  • In person
  • 2 hours

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