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Social Work Researcher, Organic Master Gardener, Chartered Herbalist, Artist, Mama

from Victoria, Canada

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  • Over the phone
  • 30 minutes
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I am a(n):

Social Work Researcher, Organic Master Gardener, Chartered Herbalist, Artist, Mama

I am also a(n):

Organic Master Gardener | Wild Food & Medicine Forager | Frugal Crafter | Community Minded | Social Justice Activist | Mixed racial ancestry


My Offer:

I've been working with diverse youth for over 8 years and feel that I could offer tips, strategies, and ideas for anyone hoping to build relationships with young people. I am also a chartered herbalist and organic master gardener- I am happy to talk about growing, foraging, harvesting, and processing with new and seasoned plant lovers! Also, feel free to ask me about my experience as a graduate student!

I can help you:

  • Why I love working in the non-profit sector
  • My experience coordinating a youth-led community garden project in Halifax
  • My experience working with youth of diverse ages, abilities, interests, and staying balanced
  • How to write successful grants for non-profits
  • My experiences becoming a chartered herbalist and organic master gardener
  • Why I struggled to go back to school and become a social worker
  • The history of social work in Canada and all of its complexities
  • Why anti-oppressive social work is crucial for social justice
  • My experiences working in social services
  • Disability services available in B.C.
  • What a youth-led social enterprise can look like!
  • How learning about local plants and plant medicines can change your life


Professional work experiences:

  • Disability Case Manager at BCANDS
  • Youth Diversion Coordinator at Skookum Jim Friendship Centre
  • Program Coordinator at Hope Blooms

Educational experiences:

  • Masters of Social Work at University of Victoria
  • Bacherlor of Arts at University of Alberta
  • Chartered Herbalist at Dominion Herbal College
  • Organic Master Gardener at Gaia College


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