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Were you recently INVITED to participate in Pick My Brain's 5 Week Become a Brain's Online Group Program?

If so this is where you sign up to secure your spot.

The primary aim of this group program is to help you and a group of other smart and knowledgable people actively work on building out your independent packages, prices, offers, copy, messaging, style, delivery, strategy and goals.

Next 5 Week Online Group Program Start Dates:

October 13 - November 17 (SOLD OUT)
November 17 - December 15 (Few spots)
January 6 - February 10 (Totally Open)

Next Steps:

As soon as you secure your spot you'll receive a custom welcome message that will confirm your spot and your very first creative exercise. Shortly after you will receive a private invitation from me outlining everything you will need for our first group session as well as all the the sessions following it. Can't wait.



To help you work on a new offer. And to help you get up and running with a custom Pick My Brain profile so you can start putting it out there in new, creative, rewarding and independently profitable ways.


5 weeks of creative exercises + group coaching calls (q&a’s, hot seat sessions, strategy sessions, copywriting, case studies etc.) + website building.


Build, package, price, frame and get ready to launch a new and independent service(s) using Pick My Brain as a starting point. Walk away with a new and creative offer(s), a deeper understanding of your inherent value and a deeper understanding of your markets needs and desires.

Best for:

Anyone who wants help: 1) Thinking up and dreaming up new and creative service(s) they could offer to their network and beyond, 2) Packaging, pricing, and articulating their offer(s) 3) Figuring out how to sell those independent offer(s) 4) Access to see how others are going about it.

The why:

I firmly believe we ALL have something independent to offer. However, often times our offer(s) remains hidden, unknown and undiscovered. Which means nobody in our network, and or beyond, knows about them or can take us up on them. Resulting in a BIG deadweight loss for both ourselves and our economy.

I’d like to help you, and a group of others, spend 5 weeks actively thinking about, working on and articulating:

> who you want to serve
> what you have to offer and what problem you are solving
> what rate, rules and availability you’d like to set
> how you can add value to those around you
> how you can share more of what you know with others and get paid for your effort at the same time.

Independent offers can be as fun and light and easy as a:

Pick My Brain Calls
Coffee & Intellectual Conversations

Or as big and creative as:

Private 1:1 Sessions.
Custom Packages & Bundles.
Lunch & Learns
Fireside Chats.
Online Classes.
Private Workshops.
Private Events.
Mentorship Opportunities.
Job Shadowing Opportunities.
Annual retreats and more.

Whatever it is you want to offer this program is set up to help you package, price AND launch it within 5 weeks providing EVERYTHING you need to do it:

The coaching.
The support.
The accountability.
The motivation.
The platform.
The booking system.
The payment system.
The invoicing system.
The review reminders.
The community to kick start it all.
And more.

The Investment for the Program:

$500 for the 5 Week Become a Brain Group Program. (Limited to 6-10 spots)

November 17th, 2019 at 10:00AM

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  • Become a Brain: 5 Week Online Group Program 🖥
  • November 17th, 2019 at 10:00AM

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