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This session is built entirely around the realization that not enough people spend time talking, working on, thinking about what they REALLY, REALLY want. Nor do people give themselves the space to amplify, scale or even say it outloud.

Therapy gives us the space to heal, dream sessions give us space to DREAM.

"The 'dream out-loud" session I just had with Maxine was incredible! Maxine's support, guidance, and energy towards my dreams made me super excited about collaborating with her to make them a reality! I can't recommend this session enough!! It felt so good to discuss all my passions and come up with a tangible plan to turn them into a service. Thank you, Max!"

"Oh man, that was so much fun. I feel like I should be dreaming out loud at least once a quarter."

"This dream out loud session was exactly what I needed! I knew I was stuck having unhealthy and unproductive conversations with myself about where I want to be and how I want to live my life, so I sought out a professional to dream with. First of all, just taking the step to book this session motivated me to start better articulating my dreams while being more concrete and specific. I knew I had a deadline for when we would speak together and this helped me take my dreams more seriously. When we spoke, Maxine showed an incredible amount of care and interest in what I had to say. Her enthusiasm alone helped me become more enthusiastic about what I want (and can have) out of life. She asked very helpful questions which prompted me to think of things in new ways. She supported me in looking more deeply at my fears and how I might overcome them or learn to live with them in a healthier relationship. She gave me follow up tasks to pursue so that I could continue taking steps toward my dreams. I left our call feeling reinvigorated about life and how I might actually start living how I envision. I am ever grateful for this service. Max is so talented and skilled in this work; anyone looking to unlock the inspiration which already lives within would be wise to have a ‘dream out loud’ call with Maxine."

How does this session work?

You and I are going to hop on the phone and dream out loud for 1 hour. Break glass ceilings. Think bigger than we both would alone. Start to paint a unique picture in both our minds and consider the possibilities and what it would require to start the build. I will start our session off by asking you some really BIG questions that will help bring us into a really creative and inspiring space. From there I am going to be building on and amplifying the messages that are coming through. By the end of our call I promise you will feel and see a world of untapped opportunity, some of which will be very easy to grab hold of, and a new way of seeing the world. One that is full of creative opportunities.

Can't wait to get started.

P.S My clients tell me just by booking and committing to a dream out loud session they find that they start to consciously make space for asking themselves those very important self questions; what do I want, who do I want to help, what do I want my contribution to be.

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