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If you’ve ever found yourself dreading the “pick your brain” request but are the type of person that loves to help, Package 1 is for you.

Package 1 gives you an opportunity to share more of what you know with others but this time under your own rate, rules and availability. In other words you decide how often, how available and how accessible you’d like your brain to be, to whom and at what rate. Your Pick My Brain profile will handle everything else: booking, scheduling, payments, sending SMS reminders, tracking of stats, collecting reviews, offering discount codes etc. Even across borders.

Start formally offering free or monetized Pick My Brain Calls today with a "Become a Brain Starter Package" which includes:

✔ Early, invite only access to build and launch a STARTER Pick My Brain Profile
✔ Unlimited free or monetized Pick My Brain calls (1 year membership)
✔ 1 virtual brain date with a Pick My Brain advisor a year
✔ 20% Pick My Brain Membership Discount

*This package is invite only

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  • Become a Brain: Starter Package

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$500 / service


$25.00 (5%)


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