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This is THE place to start if you need help packaging, pricing, articulating, structuring and coming up with a launch plan for your new independent offering(s) all in ONE session.

“In our very first session Maxine was able to whip me up 3 custom packages and prices and a way to land my first few sales. I loved them and the strategy so much I ended up launching them right away. I recently just hit my first $5,000 in independent revenue selling them and have collected some really great reviews, case studies and experiences. Really getting the hang of this. - Riley

“Maxine asked me a few really good questions in our first session and immediately identified a few opportunities I could pursue that completely married my passions and were incredibly achievable and realistic when I thought through them. Now for the first time in a long time I have a new way to put myself out there which feels both fun and scary. - Felicia

"I don't know how she does it, but Maxine can take one good look at who you are, what makes you special, what you want most in life and package and price it immediately in a way that is palatable, exciting and completely feasible." - Jason

How this offer works:

You and I are going to get together online for 90 minutes 1:1 (or in person if you are in Vancouver). Before our session I am going to send you a set of questions to meditate on. Over the course of our session I am going to ask you those questions and more. In doing so, I will be able to help you come up with a pretty dialed in outline of all the different ways I think you could successfully start to package, price, market and offer your independent services to your network and beyond.

I will share everything we come up with in a shared Google Drive AND I will also start a very rough Pick My Brain profile for you. You will walk away from this session with a STRONG foundation, a STRONG roadmap and an BURST of confidence on how best to proceed from here.

This package is BEST suited for those who would really benefit from someone REALLY seeing them and helping them identify how to turn their genius into profits. And who would REALLY benefit from some direction, validation and strategy to move forward faster.

Note: For $1500 I can take help you take what we come up with further. Website + Copy + Messaging + Launch plan. $1,500 for an entire business boost.

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  • 1 Time "Monetize Me" Assessment
  • 90 minutes

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