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Need help packaging, pricing and launching you, your companies or your groups offer(s)? I'd love to help.

You + Me + 60 minutes of dedicated packing, pricing and brainstorming. At the end of our session I will send you a google document that will outline everything we came up with and all the different ways I think you could start packaging and selling your time knowledge and experience to others and for what price based on our conversation and based on what I’ve seen work in the market.

Note: This is one of my most popular sessions and I think it is because it is SUPER fun and eye opening in terms of how you see yourself, the value you hold and the value you are available provide others.

“In our very first session Maxine was able to whip me up 3 custom packages and prices. I loved them so much I ended up launching them right away. I recently just hit my first $5,000 in independent revenue selling them and have collected some really great reviews, case studies and experiences. Really getting the hang of this. - Riley

“Maxine sold me on an advanced profile build in our first 1:1 session. She asked me a few really good questions and immediately identified a few opportunities I could pursue that completely married my passions and were incredibly achievable and realistic when I thought through them. And now for the first time I have a way to put myself out there in a new way which is both fun and scary. In fact, I am about to hold my first in person workshop and to tell everyone about my new offers. - Felicia

"I don't know how she does it, but Maxine can take a look at who you are, what makes you special, what you want most in life and package and price it immediately in a way that is palatable, exciting and totally fucking feasible." - Jason

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