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Build, test and launch a Pick My Brain profile DIY Style.

Let people know you are open and available to help them in new and creative ways. Get creative with your offers. Notice how your thinking and opportunities for connection, collaboration and exchange increase.

I've used this tool to facilitate 200+ intellectual calls, coffees and was able to bring in > $100,000+ of additional revenue over the past 3 years, simply by monetizing and getting creative my offers.

I've sold: conversations, coffees, dinners, walk and talks, creative consults, brainstorming sessions, strategy sessions, custom session one-on-one sessions, custom group programs, online masterminds, creative mentoring, lunch and learns, online masterminds, private events, mentoring sessions, speaking, coaching and more.

I've also helped 100's of others offer and sell things like that too.

Build a profile, list a suite of new and creative offers, let your network know about it, bam you are in business.

Basic $249/year membership includes: hosted website, automated calling system, booking & scheduling system, SMS & email reminder system, invoicing & payment system, client reviews & testimonial system, discount codes and more so it's easy peasy to PLAY.

If you think you can find and/or provide more than $249 of value by building, testing and launching a suite of creative offers on your own this is a total no-brainer.

As soon as your sign up, you will receive everything you need to get started right away.

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Build a Pick My Brain Profile (DIY)

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