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Occasionally, my partner Andrea and I host a gathering of creatives in our home or a local restaurant. The purpose is simply to introduce more creatives to each other in an intimate setting and to see what happens. Imagine a really intimate creative morning session but with far fewer people, more one-on-one engagement, really great food, wine, and ambience. For those that know us, they know we are quite creative curators and lovers of fine cuisine. There will always be surprises and delights at our event.

We cap the event at 10 to maintain the intimacy, with 50% proceeds going to cover food costs, and 50% donated to A Better Life Foundation, providing food security and employment opportunities to marginalized and vulnerable folks living in Vancouver's downtown eastside.

The room and conversation is never the same, but one thing always shines through. Creatives amplify other creatives.

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Creatives Curated Dinner

  • In person
  • <TBC–either in our home or in a lovely room at a local restaurant>
  • 3 hours

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