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Jordan Bower

Business Storytelling Consultant

Coach | Self-Employed | Public Speaker

Vancouver, Canada


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Business Storytelling Consultant

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Coach | Self-Employed | Public Speaker | Strategist | Facilitator | Design Thinker | Listener | Adventure-er

My mission is to help uncover the stories that connect people with each other and themselves. I'm working to share powerful storytelling insights to professional audiences through speaking, consulting, coaching and corporate training.

I'm like a story chiropractor. I make targeted, micro-adjustments that help you straighten your story into an authentic, actionable message that people really trust.

It’s a superpower I have. And it happens fast. In just one conversation, I can totally change your perspective on how you tell your story.

Sales & marketing, leadership, culture, job interviews and much, much more. All of this is "storytelling."

You'll be able to take what you get out of this conversation and use it to substantially improve one message you're currently working on.

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Help brainstorming, curating, practicing and improving upon your own personal and/or professional stories

Help coming up with all the different ways you could go about delivering your story.

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To practise telling your personal or professional story to someone who can offer toughtful critisim

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Somewhere during a year long, solo walking trip from Canada to Mexico, I learned that being a storyteller is less about what you say and more about how you say it. Since then, I've dedicated my life to helping other people improve the way they tell their story to get more of what they want into their life.

I've worked with dozens of clients in various industries all over the world. I speak at public events, I facilitate workshops and training, and I integrate the magic of storytelling into everything I do. I can't wait to share it with you!

Relevant & Noteworthy Work Experience

Founder (2008 - 2017)

Transformational Storytelling

Vancouver, BC

Additional Details:

I became a self-employed consultant in my late 20s. Over the years, I completed a vast number of projects, beginning initially with systems design and implementation. Around 2013, wanting to work more directly in communications, I began selling websites and design services to small business clients, only to realize that I was spending more time coaching them on how to tell their story than doing the actual design work. This was a big a-ha moment for me. Since then, I have expanded my creative offering to include a little bit of strategy, a little bit of narrative coaching and a little bit of design. Bringing this wide skillset to the table lets me assist clients in uncovering connections they hadn't thought were there.

These days, I've been calling this role a "Chief Storyteller". My hunch is that, over the coming years, we'll see more and more Chief Storytellers as the way organizations function transform as a result of technology.

Link/Company Website:

Relevant & Noteworthy Education Experience

Honours Business Administration (1999 - 2003)

Richard Ivey School of Business

London, Canada

Additional Details:

One of Canada's best business schools, this case-based, "undergraduate MBA" program gave me a broad perspective on business that I bring into my work.


Walking to Mexico

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Back in 2010-2011, I spent a year walking by myself from Canada to Mexico. Along that life-changing journey, I spent hundreds of hours in deep conversations with the strangers I met, photographing them and recording their story. Now, I'm retelling that story on Instagram, living out the journey again as if it was happening in real time.

I call it the world's first #instamemoir. It's called @walkingtomexico. I hope you check it out!

Tourism Ucluelet

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As an example of one of my organizational consulting projects, I worked with the destination marketing group of a tourism destination on the West Coast of Canada's Vancouver Island. The town's name is "Ucluelet".

Ucluelet was having trouble honing in on their story. As up to date destination marketers, they were aware of all the latest trends in tourism marketing, but were having trouble trying to connect their living, breathing, authentic story with the advice they'd received from agencies and consultants. I was brought in to help straighten their story out. To do that, I facilitated a two day Storytelling session with 30 members of their community, including bed & breakfast owners, whale watching tour operators, local artists, fishermen and more, including people whose families had founded the community. It was definitely an eclectic group!

I led the group through a number of creative exercises that helped them not only find a story that resonated -- and that was expressed by them in their own words -- but also suited the growth goals set out by the town's strategic plan. The destination marketing group took that story and trademarked it, transforming it into a website, brand identity and successful marketing campaign that has led to growth.

Future of Storytelling Summit

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My trainings and creative work take me to a large number of conferences across North American and around the world. One of my favourites was the 2015 Future of Storytelling Summit, a unique, intimate conference held on a rambling ex-sanitorium just outside in New York City.

The roster of distinguished speakers also included Edward Snowden, Al Gore & Margaret Atwood.

As is my wont, I facilitated a very interesting and personal workshop, getting two groups of 30 strangers each to dive deep into their story and discuss intimate topics not normally appropriate in professional environments. This experience catalyzed my professional growth and is a template for the workshops and corporate trainings I continue to offer today.

An Art Gallery on Rails

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One of my first creative experiments took place back in 2010, when I held a photo exhibition on board a public streetcar in Toronto. The exhibition was part of a city-wide photography festival: the biggest photo festival in the world.

For my show, I bought all of the advertising space inside of one streetcar and replaced the ads with photographs I'd taken while backpacking in India. For a full month, the streetcar operated on normal public service, criss-crossing the city as what I described as "an art gallery on rails." Each day, I would go downtown and wait on a street corner until the correct streetcar appeared, and then I would ride it for hours, from end to end, talking with commuters about what they thought about the exhibition.

That was my first profound experience in public performance art, and it shaped much of the work that I do today -- and my self-image as a "social artist".

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