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Let me help you reset your company's corporate culture by hosting a series of curated workshops, sessions, and engagements that are ALL geared towards establishing and/or reestablishing a culture of innovation within organizations.

6 Month Program Includes:

Month 1: Back to Basics: It is important to establish a culture in which everyone begins to feel comfortable interacting with the basic concepts of innovation

Month 2: Beg, Borrow & Steal: There is nothing new under the sun. Good innovators borrow and great innovators steal.

Month 3: Sparking Curiosity: Innovation doesn’t happen when we withdraw from the world, but rather when we engage with it.

Month 4: Networking for Innovation: Innovation is about connecting the dots. If you want to connect more dots, you have to collect more dots.

Month 5: Building a Culture of Innovation: Culture may eat strategy for breakfast, but first you have to build an organization culture that is more open to innovation.

Month 6: Problem Solver’s Toolbox: An introduction to the tools and frameworks you’ll need in your toolbox for innovation.

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6 Month "Corporate Culture Reset" Program

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