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Connect with Daniel Jacob,

Founder and CEO of Changing Habits Solutions

from Montreal, Canada

Knowledge Services

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Let’s get your eco-ball rolling - free 30 min call


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Make your eco-ball roll faster - 1:1 strategic session - 60 min

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Hit the ground running - multi sessions package (5x60 minutes)

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I am a(n):

Founder and CEO of Changing Habits Solutions

I am also a(n):

sustainability consultant | world traveler | idea ninja | speaker | solutions designer | sport enthiusast | environmentalist | brainstorm guru | project manager | strategist | sustainable roadmap

What I do:

We help people and businesses be part of the solution, because at Changing Habits Solutions, we want to design a world where the environment does not need to be protected!
I spent over 900 days traveling to 42 countries making environmental videos about amazing people and their ideas from all over the globe. In order to engage people, I give conferences to audiences from students to professionals. In order to engage businesses, we help them set environmental targets, and build a plan to reach them!


My Offer:

You care about the environment and you would like your company to do the same? I'm here to help! You will walk away with a set of financially viable solutions that you can implement at your company that will work from a top-down approach, involving senior management, and bottom up, by engaging the staff!

My ideal target audience:

Motivated people from medium to large size organizations and government bodies

Let's talk about:

  • Environmental solutions
  • Storytelling
  • Eco-ideas from all over the world
  • Inspire your staff to be part of the solutions
  • Engage senior management in the process
  • Setting environmental targets
  • Establish a sustainability roadmap

Feel free to also ask me about:

What I am currently working on

Industry trends, insights, observations & opinions

My education, training & qualifications

My biggest challenges, successes, failures & lessons learned

What success means to me

How I got to where I am today

What it is like working for my company & why I chose to work there

Recommendations for anyone entering my career or industry

Daily practices, habits, and strategies

Issues I care most about right now and why


Why you might want to connect with me:

Rethink your core business: Creative solutions to initiate your business transformation
- New/Tweak of your product/service to cater to new audiences, target market, and environmentally conscious customers
- Think of Product as a service type offering
- Look at your operations, and connect you with solutions providers who can provide ways to reduce costs, with an idea to create a eco-fund within your organization to further optimize your business

Culture shift: Engage your staff
- Have your company deploy the Changing Habits Challenge: have each staff member pledge to change a habit and quantify the impact over time
- Kaizen approach: Create rewards to your staff for coming up with smart solutions reducing environmental impacts and costs without negative impact on quality

Storytelling: Quantify your impact and communicate on it
- Record your increased sales, reduced cost, and environmental impact based on the business solutions you’ve implemented, over time
- Do the same for the staff pledge
- Add these elements to your marketing/communication strategy

A little bit about myself:

I have the insights into solutions. I have seen behind the scenes of 100+ businesses who are incorporating and building in sustainability into their companies

Professional work experiences:

Educational experiences:


Where else you can find and follow me online:

My Pick My Brain portfolio:

We worked with Tierra Mistica to create an eco-friendly tour offering and made a video to showcase the new offering

Gave conferences in Europe and Canada on engaging students and professionals to take part of the solution. This is the fist step to engage your staff in the "bottom up" side of our offering

Created over 60 videos of environmental ideas from over 30 countries during a 900 days world tour!
Pick my brain on the challenges, ups and down, eco-ideas reviewed or all matters related to this amazing journey!

Co founded this startup offering recycling solutions for your appartment, house or business/community! This startup was based in Switzerland, where you need to sort up to 10 different types of recyclable material at home!

Worked on highlighting sustainability initiatives and storytelling around them. Also worked on electrification from a business development perspective


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