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Connect with Pick My Brain .,

Pick My Brain

from Vancouver, Canada

Connect with Pick My Brain .,

Pick My Brain

from Vancouver, Canada



Pick My Brain

I am a(n):

Tool that Helps You Package & Price | Peer to Peer Platform | Community of Smart Professionals

I am the go-to for:

Helping you share more of what you know directly with others.

What I do:

We help creative professionals, businesses and organizations, from all around the world connect, share and sell their knowledge in entirely new, creative, fun and independently rewarding ways.


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Meet <Insert Your Name HERE>


  • Over the phone
  • 20 minutes
  • 5 call(s) remaining this month

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Conversation with <Insert Your Name HERE>


  • Over the phone
  • 30 minutes
  • Currently available

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Private Online Session with <Insert Your Name HERE>


  • Online
  • 1 hour
  • Currently available

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5 Hours of <INSERT Your Name HERE> Time, Knowledge and Experience


  • One time payment
  • Currently available

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10 Hours


  • One time payment
  • Currently available

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20 Hours


  • One time payment
  • Currently available


My Offer:

Pick My Brain is here to help you, your team, your group, and/or your organization share your knowledge in new and creative ways, on your own unique terms.

Choose your favorite plan:

Free Plan: Free + 20% (Limited to offering free or paid calls and intellectual online conversations)
Basic Plan: $299/yr + 10% (Add 3+ offers)
Premium Plan: $499/yr + 5% (Unlimited offers)
Custom Plan: $999/year + 5% (Unlock custom offers)

When you sign up for a year upfront, you get two months free.

Note: Every year we take 5% of Pick My Brain's total sales and decide, as a group what to do with it.

My ideal target audience:

People who want to:

> Connect with other people in new and creative ways.
> Share more of what they know with others.
> Build, test, and launch new independent and creative knowledge-based service(s).
> Let others know they are open for business.

Reach out if you want to:

  • become a brain.
  • package and sell your knowledge in new and creative ways.
  • be part of something bigger than yourself.
  • join a community of intellects.

Feel free to also book a session if you want to ask me about:

What I am currently working on

Industry trends, insights, observations & opinions

My current role & responsibilities

My day-to-day

My salary, rates, income & benefits

My education, training & qualifications

My biggest challenges, successes, failures & lessons learned

What success means to me

How I got to where I am today

What I enjoy most/least about my career

What it is like working for my company & why I chose to work there

What it is like to live and work in my city

Recommendations for anyone entering my career or industry

Recommended books, articles, blogs, conferences, tools, apps, etc.

Whose content do I consume regularly

Daily practices, habits, and strategies

Issues I care most about right now and why

My values, beliefs, philosophies and/or political views

My love story


Why me:

The fastest, and most powerful way to learn, change behaviour, and grow as a human, is by pulling from other people's knowledge and experience. The best way to solidify your knowledge, validate yourself and feel generally fulfilled is to share what you do best with others. A lot of people find it hard to do either of those things, or at the very least, there is an opportunity to give people space to do it more.

A little bit about myself:

We want to give people a place to share (and monetize if they so choose) their time, knowledge and experience with others, in creative, impactful or just plain useful ways and to give others access to that time, knowledge and experience.

Our mission is to make the world's Brains (*) more creatively available, accessible and useful to society.

(*) Brain = People who genuinely want to share more of what they know with others on their own independent terms.

What it’s like to work with me:

Intellectually stimulating. Thought-provoking. Inspirational. Creativity inducing. Practical. Straightforward. Multifaceted. Fun. Ubiquitous.

Fun fact about me:

I was birthed in Winlaw B.C when my co-founder's car broke down on the way up a mountain.


Where else you can find and follow me online:


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